Double Trouble and the Usual Suspects

Posted by: Lyra Pappin

Olsen twinsThe Olsen Twins have topped InStyle’s list of worst fashion offenders

The ratty haired billionaires can’t seem to catch a break.  Also on the list, the ever kooky Sharon Stone, walking train wreck Courtney Love, and the inexplicably hair-styled Amy Winehouse.  Don’t they know it’s supposed to be good to be a celebrity?

Funny enough,  a few years later "Vogue Crowed Olsen Twins Most Fashionable Sisters In The World". Go figure!

Do you think the Olsens have a fashion sense?

Original story:
Olsen Twins Top Fashion Offenders List
Celebrity twins Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have been named and shamed at the top of a new magazine list of fashion offenders. The sisters “beat” Courtney Love and Sharon Stone to the top of In Touch’s anti-style hit list....  Read full story
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