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Hellu Pussycats!!!

What to do with an old suitcase that collects dust under the bed??
Turn it into an upcycled table and pet beds of course!

Great to use as a side table with a small lamp or magazines.

Inside you can store remotes, mags, extra candles or even a secret stash of chocolate :)

They make great pet beds too!

The cover zips off and can be easily washed.

Stella luvs hers!!!

Have a great afternoon... Read more
I have some fabulous new journals in the studio now and online tomorrow.
Back in the day, those orchestra people really knew how to make an album cover, I have to say.

These make great gifts.

There isn't a woman alive who doesn't like a big book to make lists in.

Have a great afternoon Pussycats!

Be in touch! Luv Weezi :) Read more
It is so exciting to see someone like my GEEK guys as much as I do. Super Geek was featured today at! It says ...

"Get your geek on with this decidedly nerdy pillow from PillowThrowDecor.

The Geek Pillow is part of the Luxe and Found Collection, which focuses on eco-chic pillow designs that utilize remnants, upcycled materials and other "throwaway" items.

This cute little... Read more
Knitting presents a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the recycling movement and to explore the craft of felting.

No sooner than the last chocolate has been popped into our mouths and the roses have been hung to dry, St. Valentine steps aside for St. Patrick as green takes over from red to mark the next commercial milestone on the calendar. Shamrocks are everywhere even if their signature emerald green is... Read more
Spring, the season of renewal, is finally here accompanied by certain traditions that are embedded in the rhythm of our lives. Spring cleaning is one of those rituals that is given much attention, particularly by those long and unachievable lists found in magazines displayed at the grocery store checkout. At this time of year, it is likely most of us do make some attempt to tune up and toss out so that we can... Read more
Do you love to craft, but hate to start (or finish!) projects because your supplies are jumbled, poorly organized, or crammed haphazardly into storage containers all over your house?

Do yourself a favour: Take the time to bring some order to your stash, before you stop crafting altogether from sheer frustration.

Don’t bag it.

Maybe when you started that last craft you weren’t sure if it was... Read more
Most people don’t think twice about their options when it comes to clothing storage. Closets, chests of drawers and armoires have become staples in North American homes. But what if you live in a loft, or an older building with limited closet space? Or what if you just want to add an unconventional design twist to your rooms?

Why not consider repurposing untraditional objects and furniture to house your... Read more
How much environmental damage is caused by the clothes that you put on your body every day? Lululemon , the Canadian yoga-wear chain, has made headlines recently with regards to unsubstantiated health-benefit claims in their eco-friendly line of seaweed clothing. How, as a consumer, can you distinguish between the healthy and the hype?

Start by being wary of “green-washing” – the... Read more
Even though you can pick up a vintage mink stole or eel-skin clutch purse on eBay for a fraction of the price a little boutique would charge, such frivolities are frowned on by the increasing eco-friendly warrior invading the fashion world en mass.

For girls used to chic without a conscience not quite ready to transition to Birkenstock’s but with good intentions, this can be a little perturbing, how to... Read more
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