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The weather these past few weeks, at least in the northeast section of the continent, has been termed as a very cool spring. The key word here is cool, as these temperatures are always relative. A forecast of sixty degrees in July may seem on the cool side but if it was mid-January, it would feel downright tropical. Talk among neighbors and fellow gardeners seems to conclude that shrubs and trees are enjoying a... Read more
Just when we have all learned to correctly pronounce Feng Shui, the Chinese art of appropriate placement of objects in our living spaces, along comes another ancient Oriental aesthetic philosophy, "wabi-sabi". Seemingly destined to become as popular as Feng Shui, wabi-sabi addresses our relationship to all things that surround us, not just to their positioning in our living and working environments.... Read more
To ignore one of the basic knitting commandments, "Thou shalt not put wool into hot water" is to risk suffering the dreaded consequence of such action - very small, very stiff, little sweaters into which no family member would ever want to grow. But approaching the hot water as friend not foe, affords an opportunity to enjoy a wonderful new perspective on rows of knit and purl stitches. As a distinct... Read more
Knitting presents a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the recycling movement and to explore the craft of felting.

No sooner than the last chocolate has been popped into our mouths and the roses have been hung to dry, St. Valentine steps aside for St. Patrick as green takes over from red to mark the next commercial milestone on the calendar. Shamrocks are everywhere even if their signature emerald green is... Read more
A vase of beautiful flowers will bring you pleasure for a few days, perhaps a week, but a handknit sweater will bring you joy for many growing seasons to come.

Having lived in apartments for the last twenty years, I have had little opportunity to put my paws into the earth except for planting the odd balcony pot or attempting to grow seeds on a spare-bedroom window sill. So now that I am the owner of a... Read more
Spring, the season of renewal, is finally here accompanied by certain traditions that are embedded in the rhythm of our lives. Spring cleaning is one of those rituals that is given much attention, particularly by those long and unachievable lists found in magazines displayed at the grocery store checkout. At this time of year, it is likely most of us do make some attempt to tune up and toss out so that we can... Read more
There was a front-page headline in the daily newspaper recently that definitely caught my attention. It read, "Needlepoint pirates pillage on Net". To see the subject of needlepoint displayed among world news and political commentary was quite unusual in a big city newspaper. Although, the timing was certainly appropriate. It was in that same week that the Napsters web site was being sued in court for... Read more
I must admit that I have never done a survey and my conclusions would be considered unscientific, but I am fairly certain that when any of us think of who taught us to knit, a family relationship or special friendship comes to mind. How many of us learned our knit and purls from our mother, aunt or grandmother? Should I mention in these days of political correctness, perhaps it was an uncle or grandfather who... Read more
Turning on the radio last Saturday, I found myself tuned into an interview about to begin with a group of artisans who were in the process of setting up a craft show. When the first craftsperson identified herself as a knitter, the interviewer immediately responded, "You sound too young to be a knitter!" The woman replied patiently that knitting is an interest that appeals to many different age groups... Read more
"Knit two rows and call me in the morning" is not medical advice you will see written on your doctor's prescription pad, but if we take a closer look, knitting has some great benefits to your health and well-being. Knitting is a craft that is not only creative and mentally challenging, but is relaxing, productive and a stress-reducer.

We've all heard about the importance of exercise to keep our... Read more
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Maddy Cranley (aka Maddycraft )
Pointe Claire, QC, Canada

Maddy Cranley is a professional knitwear designer, who has created exclusive designs for knitting and craft magazines, authored and published three books on the subject of creating felt garments and projects from handknitting, and produces an ever-expanding line of maddy laine handknitting patterns.

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