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Knitting and beading can make for a great marriage as long as a few rules of engagement are followed.

Memories of the '60's - love beads, hippie beads, beads on a string around necks and wrists, homemade, handmade, swinging with long hair and flowered skirts. Beads were such a strong fashion element of that decade. The subject of beads is a vast one and the hippie incarnation was just a small part of beading... Read more
"Blue and green should never be seen except in the washing machine!"

The first time I heard this little rhyme, I was standing in the general store on Main Street in the little prairie village of Rosetown. The town belied its name. Unlike a lush and vibrant flower, it was a dry and dusty place. Colors had been bleached by the sun or blown away by the wind. Even still, it had a charm that only a small... Read more
A "stripe" is defined as "a line or long narrow section differing in color or texture from parts adjoining". Knitting is a natural when it comes to creating stripes. The needles act as guardian of the straight line, that crossover point, where changes in color or texture can be made. It is up for grabs as how to fill in those rows that make up a stripe and the ever-popular horizontal line and... Read more
No, it's not the first day of January, the traditional debut of a new year. Although, with all the new beginnings that take place on and around the Labor Day holiday, this season certainly seems to be a more appropriate choice for the start of a calendar. Even though we may no longer be trudging off to school each morning, the changes in our daily lives are many. The weather is changing and the leaves are changing... Read more
Although it may not appear to be so, judging by current weather conditions, summer will be coming. This often means summer holiday plans are being made or at least discussed among potential travel companions. Perhaps even travel brochures have been picked up and perused or some online surfing has gathered information on suitable destinations. Maps often play a part. They will assist in defining the path from Point... Read more
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Maddy Cranley (aka Maddycraft )
Pointe Claire, QC, Canada

Maddy Cranley is a professional knitwear designer, who has created exclusive designs for knitting and craft magazines, authored and published three books on the subject of creating felt garments and projects from handknitting, and produces an ever-expanding line of maddy laine handknitting patterns.

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