How Not to Store Your Craft Supplies

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Craft supplies.Do you love to craft, but hate to start (or finish!) projects because your supplies are jumbled, poorly organized, or crammed haphazardly into storage containers all over your house?

Do yourself a favour: Take the time to bring some order to your stash, before you stop crafting altogether from sheer frustration.

Don’t bag it.

Maybe when you started that last craft you weren’t sure if it was a winner, so you kept everything in plastic bags shoved in your closet when you weren’t working on the project. Stop the plastic bag insanity! Invest in some sturdy containers with clear sides that will keep things tidy and visible.

Don’t stuff your stuff.

If your crafting supplies have overgrown their designated storage containers, buy suitable reinforcements so you can access things easily. Nothing will turn you off crafting faster than a bin crammed so full of stuff that you can’t find what you’re looking for. Not to mention that you run the risk of damaging your supplies if you mash them into spaces that are too small.

Don’t lump your junk.

Storing everything in one haphazard jumble is another quick ticket to despair. Take the time to organize your supplies, and store like things with like. Consider having one container for tools you use frequently, and other containers for raw materials organized by texture, colour, or any criteria of your choice.

Don’t pile.

When storage space is at a premium, most of us stack our stuff in precarious piles deep in closets or cupboards. How much fun is it to pull out a million different containers before finding what you want? Calm your nerves by investing in some shelving that conveniently houses your containers, so you can immediately access whatever you choose.

Don’t diversify.

Storing a little bit here and a little bit there may seem like the best way to utilize all those little nooks and crannies in your home, but if you have to go through every single room to assemble the supplies for one craft project, you’ll quickly lose your momentum – and your sanity. Store everything you’ll need for your crafts in one designated area, and always put things away when you’re finished.

Don’t let acid burn you.

If you work with materials like fabric or paper that are subject to acid damage, invest in some quality acid-free storage solutions.

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