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Do you love to craft, but hate to start (or finish!) projects because your supplies are jumbled, poorly organized, or crammed haphazardly into storage containers all over your house?

Do yourself a favour: Take the time to bring some order to your stash, before you stop crafting altogether from sheer frustration.

Don’t bag it.

Maybe when you started that last craft you weren’t sure if it was... Read more
Most people don’t think twice about their options when it comes to clothing storage. Closets, chests of drawers and armoires have become staples in North American homes. But what if you live in a loft, or an older building with limited closet space? Or what if you just want to add an unconventional design twist to your rooms?

Why not consider repurposing untraditional objects and furniture to house your... Read more
How much environmental damage is caused by the clothes that you put on your body every day? Lululemon , the Canadian yoga-wear chain, has made headlines recently with regards to unsubstantiated health-benefit claims in their eco-friendly line of seaweed clothing. How, as a consumer, can you distinguish between the healthy and the hype?

Start by being wary of “green-washing” – the... Read more
Are your walls bare and boring? One of the quickest and easiest ways to spruce up your home’s décor is through the strategic placement of framed artwork.

Can’t afford a great painting – or even a good print? Get a little creative, and watch your walls come alive.

Start with some interesting “art.” It doesn’t have to be made by a professional; why not raid your... Read more
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