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Are your walls bare and boring? One of the quickest and easiest ways to spruce up your home’s décor is through the strategic placement of framed artwork.

Can’t afford a great painting – or even a good print? Get a little creative, and watch your walls come alive.

Start with some interesting “art.” It doesn’t have to be made by a professional; why not raid your children’s (or nieces’ and nephews’) stash of childhood masterpieces for a colourful (and conversation-provoking) alternative?

Or try cutting some great illustrations or photographs from coffee table books or high-end magazines. Enlarge favorite snapshots of family and friends. Pressed flowers and plants are another great two-dimensional choice – but don’t limit yourself to two dimensions! Everyday objects such as flea market finds or twigs from your daily walk can make unique visual statements when mounted on an appropriate background.

Next choose your frames. Any framing shop will have a huge selection, but if you’re on a budget, try scoping out rummage or yard sales and thrift shops for great used frames at rock-bottom prices. Or repurpose those unused frames that are collecting dust in your basement or attic.

A can or two of spray paint can spruce things up; alternatively you can distress frames with sandpaper or painting techniques. Replace broken or missing glass, have some coordinating mats professionally cut if necessary.

The most important thing to remember when hanging your artwork? Don’t position it too high! The focal point of any arrangement should be at about eye-level, which is approximately five feet from the ground for the average-sized person. Position multiple frames in groups of three, five or seven, and go for a random arrangement rather than trying to line up several frames perfectly.

If you’d like to change or rotate your artwork often, consider mounting a narrow shelf across the wall where you’d like to display it – an especially good idea for family photographs.

Want to learn more about framing your artwork? Check out this online article. (pdf)

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