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Hellu Pussycats! Ok, Anyone who has been into the studio and seen the neck warmers has heard my story.

YES!- when I first saw them I thought neck warmers were a silly idea. I didn't get the big deal.."Wear a scarf".... I thought!

I was so very wrong!! They make SO much sense.

I had a light bulb moment when I was cleaning the fish tank and my scarf dipped in the tank. Ewww. Yes, I should be wearing... Read more
Helluuu Pussycats!

Hope you are all nice and warm!

I have some cute tweed clutch bags that I am putting online today.

All one of a kind and all with mixed materials.

Mixed fabrics and cute buttons make a sweet little clutch to hold only what you need.

Some have recycled belts are handles.

Great this time of the year when you don't want to lug a heavy bag

along with your winter coat.

All one of a kind.... Read more
Hellluuu Pussycats! I have some new recycled book journals in the studio this week.
Cheap and cheerful they make a very useful gift.

What gal doesn't want to see Brad Pitt under the tree on Christmas morning???

Approx. 80 pages of lined paper in each as well part of the original book.

Great for lists, journaling, secrets or sketches.

Have a great day Pussycats!

Be in touch, Weezi :) Read more
Hellu Pussycats!!!

What to do with an old suitcase that collects dust under the bed??
Turn it into an upcycled table and pet beds of course!

Great to use as a side table with a small lamp or magazines.

Inside you can store remotes, mags, extra candles or even a secret stash of chocolate :)

They make great pet beds too!

The cover zips off and can be easily washed.

Stella luvs hers!!!

Have a great afternoon... Read more
I have some fabulous new journals in the studio now and online tomorrow.
Back in the day, those orchestra people really knew how to make an album cover, I have to say.

These make great gifts.

There isn't a woman alive who doesn't like a big book to make lists in.

Have a great afternoon Pussycats!

Be in touch! Luv Weezi :) Read more
Hellluuu Pussycats! I have 2 new coaster sets to show you... A Vintage "Motorcycle Babe" set.

and a Vintage Roller Derby set.

Hope you like it! Online tomorrow :)
Have a great afternoon Pussycats and be in touch!

Luv Weezi:) Read more
Hellu Pussycats!!!!!
I was a crochet machine over the weekend and made up a bunch of cute change purse/cell phone covers.

I love to crochet .

I wish that people would stop thinking of weird bathroom accessories when they think of crochet...

(this is a WHOLE other topic of conversation for another day!) I would like everyone to think of crochet as bright, fun and interesting.

So, I will start with these... Read more
Helllluuu Pussycats! Happy Saturday!

I have recently immersed myself into the world of Twitter,as I try to establish myself online and broaden my horizons.

I found this gal from LA, who has the most incredible blog called My Vintage Vogue

She has scanned in the most glorious photos from Vogue ranging from the 1920' s to the 1960's.

There is so much to look at! I have to show some real restraint and... Read more
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