Crochet is NOT a Dirty Word!

Posted by: Weezi

Hellu Pussycats!!!!!

I was a crochet machine over the weekend and made up a bunch of cute change purse/cell phone covers.
I love to crochet .

I wish that people would stop thinking of weird bathroom accessories when they think of crochet...

(this is a WHOLE other topic of conversation for another day!) 

I would like everyone to think of crochet as bright, fun and interesting.
So, I will start with these cute little guys.
Cell phone cover or change purse-Baby Blue w Large Button. Lavender Wool Change Purse, Cell Phone Cover w Large Button.
Small Green Wool Change Purse/Cell Phone Cover w Large Button.
Not rocket science, I know... but they are cheap and cheerful, not to mention useful. There are tons of these in the studio now and soon to be online. Hope everyone is doing well out there in TV land!

Be in touch! Luv Weezi :)

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