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Hellu Pussycats! Ok, Anyone who has been into the studio and seen the neck warmers has heard my story.

YES!- when I first saw them I thought neck warmers were a silly idea. I didn't get the big deal.."Wear a scarf".... I thought!

I was so very wrong!! They make SO much sense.

I had a light bulb moment when I was cleaning the fish tank and my scarf dipped in the tank. Ewww. Yes, I should be wearing... Read more
Hellu Pussycats!!!!!
I was a crochet machine over the weekend and made up a bunch of cute change purse/cell phone covers.

I love to crochet .

I wish that people would stop thinking of weird bathroom accessories when they think of crochet...

(this is a WHOLE other topic of conversation for another day!) I would like everyone to think of crochet as bright, fun and interesting.

So, I will start with these... Read more
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