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If you think there is no use for shattered CDs, you are so wrong. Just have a look at the insanely detailed razor sharp animal sculptures created by artist Sean Avery , who is using shattered CDs , as his choice of medium.

When Cars are Repurposed as Furniture

This sofa is a fully functional piece . The rear of the sofa is provided with a recycled cooling equipment. The front of the sofa... Read more
I don't know about you, but we are always looking for ways to spruce up our home. The problem is, it can get quite expensive when you start adding up all of the costs. One thing we do is repurose our older items or thrift store finds in order to create something new and beautiful. Here are 5 ways you can repurpose in order to beautify your own home.

Picture Frames

We all have a few picture frames around... Read more
Matthew and I decided to start a garden the year our first son, Graham, was born. He is now five and enjoys helping us with it each year. We originally started the garden in order to provide ourselves with fresh food and save money. What we are discovering is that this garden is providing us with much more than just nourishment. It is supplying our children with an appreciation and respect for the environment... Read more
Whether it's across the street or out of the country, moving an entire household is no easy task. I would know because I am moving tomorrow. Although my move will be just a trip across town, my type A personality has forced me to make lists, do research online, and go through every closet, desk, and drawer more than once.

But even if you take a more laidback approach to moving day, here are A Few Easy... Read more
Three easy, alternative ways to help rejuvenate your rooms, create a calm environment, and start your spring out fresh.

Delicate pink petals are beginning to unfurl on tree branches here in Florida – I know, I know, we are lucky. Pollen allergies run rampant. The sun has begun to shine brightly, when it is not interrupted by a sudden thunderstorm.

And what do these symbols of spring tell us? Easter... Read more
Our actions impact the environment, and we must all do our part to protect our natural environment and ecosystems. Using products that are made of eco-friendly fabrics, recycling and repurposing old items, and employing items that can be used over and over again, are ways that each of us can do our part to help our planet. Eco-friendly coffee sleeve Handcrafted in faux leather, this eco-friendly coffee sleeve... Read more
There have been a lot of changes in my work since the last time I posted here. Jewelry is still my #1 product, however, I have now moved into home furnishings and furniture as well.

What started as a jewelry making business eventually led me to French-inspired furnishings. Essentially I am using old barn wood to repurpose a bench or taking shells found on a local beach to reframe a mirror. I do this for both... Read more
About 2 years ago I got into a habit of repurposing old pieces of wood trim from homes and buildings. Well, I started making these funny little picture frames which not only provided me with a creative outlet, but also gave me a way to practice recycling in its true sense. Each one of those picture frames is handmade, and I go with the flow when it comes to design, etc. The frames are made from bits and pieces... Read more
I am very busy right now creating my new line of vintage inspired jewelry from repurposed or recycled jewelry peaces, like vintage brooches. Trying hard to be green. Every little effort makes a difference. Right?

I feel like it just happened naturally. Creating is what I do. I spend a lot of time in the studio playing. I started one day making jewelry and I haven’t stopped since.

I love the history that... Read more
Hellluuu Pussycats! I have some new recycled book journals in the studio this week.
Cheap and cheerful they make a very useful gift.

What gal doesn't want to see Brad Pitt under the tree on Christmas morning???

Approx. 80 pages of lined paper in each as well part of the original book.

Great for lists, journaling, secrets or sketches.

Have a great day Pussycats!

Be in touch, Weezi :) Read more

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