Giving Old Jewelry New Life

Posted by: Teenie

I am very busy right now creating my new line of vintage inspired jewelry from repurposed or recycled jewelry peaces, like vintage brooches. Trying hard to be green. Every little effort makes a difference. Right?
I feel like it just happened naturally. Creating is what I do. I spend a lot of time in the studio playing. I started one day making jewelry and I haven’t stopped since.

I love the history that some of these brooches have. Some were my mother’s or my grandmother’s. I always keep the ones that have that thread of history. I love the fact that they don't sit in my drawer. I am now wearing them or someone else will! 

If you have any pieces that you would like me to repurpose or give new life, just shoot me an email. 
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Jun 24, 2010 | The Knitting Lady

Repurposed or recycled jewelry that's a smart move. A lot of people now conscious about environment & support green initiatives.

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Ada, MI, US

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