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The Ontario government surprised the arts sector by announcing a $75 million bonus spread amongst museums and arts programs, like the Royal Ontario Museum, Science North, Luminato Festival, and others. It’s a feast for starving artists!

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Fashion crafting isn’t just about turning old clothes into something new – you can turn a profit too! This environmentally friendly fashion trend has reported $180 billion in US sales , dubbing it “Crafting Couture”. Has crafting gone Hollywood? Read more
Heathrow Airport is unveiling a new wing that will be full of high-end expensive boutiques. Although airport terminals used to be known mainly for their bars, they’ve wised up and realized that people can spend hours AND money while waiting for flights!

Don’t get rid of the bars though… market research reveals drunk people love to shop.

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The Delaware Arts Museum is presenting an exhibition called the Bridge of Hope : Iraqi/US Art Initiative. It will involve 9 Iraqi and 9 American artists and the pieces will be mostly abstract, hoping to send a message about the impact of the war from both sides. Read more
Jaime Debbah and his brother own one of the most successful shops housing African arts and crafts , which the brothers largely collected themselves. However, they’ve been scaling back in recent years as Jaime finds it harder and more dangerous to travel to Africa in his winter years. If New York is this comfortable for seniors, maybe Florida will have to take a backseat as the retirement home champion of... Read more
The market for pottery is still going strong, as evidenced by a recent sale of a Newcomb College vase for over $40,000 in New Jersey.

These pottery pieces have only recently emerged and bare witness to the innovative pottery program that began in New Orleans in the late 19th century when being a pothead had a whole different meaning. Read more
A blogger named Uptown Girl has reported some of the worst fashion crimes facing us today. I can’t help but wonder… would fashion jail be pretty?

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This isn’t news, but just let me reiterate: fashion designers have no mercy. While the economy is taking a vacation in Europe, the designers don’t bother wasting time with mid-range prices and instead aim for the unaffected wealthy during Toronto’s Fashion Week .

I have my own plans for courting the fabulously rich. They involve begging and pleading. Read more
Looking for inspiration? Crafting sites are popping up all over the place with great hints and tips for projects and pieces. I just want these people to come over and teach me, but hey… slow and steady wins the race. Read more
The New Classic Nude Art Competition is more than a tongue twister and it seeks to expose more than models’ naked bodies. Cleverness aside, the competition is about encouraging emerging artists to look beyond the “classic nude”. Since I have no idea what this means, my chances of winning are slim. Like the models. Help me I can’t stop punning.

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