That's exactly what some people did, and with a great success, I must say.
New Orleans is known for colorful home paint jobs . This one is found in Bywater by © Ray Laskowitz.

Here is another New Orleans Beauty from the whole series of great houses posted on .

This colorful house was spotted in Victoria , on Vancouver Island, British Columbia by " Rambling Artists "... Read more
In the wake of the horrible attacks during the Boston Marathon, the city of New York has sent messages of support and solidarity through unique, comforting messages and signs.

As this story develops, we offer our condolences, sympathy and support to all affected by the tragedy. We hope you can find brightness through the dark times. Read more
Here is my collection of best creative and unusual furniture designs and decorating ideas. Giant Bird Nest Bed This giant bird nest was designed by Merav Eitan and Gas­ton Zahr as part of the Green Gar­den Exhibition.

Boat Beds Suprisingly, these upcycled boat beds actually look comfotable. What do you think?

Tree Beds Who knew having a bed wrapped in tree branches would look so cool. :)... Read more
After a Bollywood award show in Vancouver over the weekend, tons of fans came out to support the growing film scene in India. If you're not in Vancouver, check out some of the films involved. These movies are often full of creative use of colour and fabric, great sources of inspiration... it's like travelling without going anywhere. Plus, it's up to you how spicy you wanna get!

Original story:... Read more
Every moment is sacred if you are fully present to that moment.

Every expression outward of what is stirring deep within is sacred...a prayer if you will..if the intent is to remain open to all that is possible...and accept that journey as it truly is. Prayer is communication with Creator....intentful connection with our highest expression as well as surrender to the Source of all life. Soul speaks in those... Read more
Apparently , Wataru Itou, a talented art student from Tokyo, spent 4 years of his life building this truly incredible Paper Craft Castle On the Ocean . That's an amazing display of papercraft!

Paper Heart Box I'd love to receive this beautiful Heart Box for a Valentine's Day , especially if it was made by my boyfriend. Great texture and colors! Unfortunately, it was made by a Gentleman... Read more
Point and shoot is fine for personal photography. But it takes a lot more than just a press of a button to create really powerful images, those that tell a story and invoke emotions in us. Girl with a Flower Skirt

This beautiful "Morning Mood" photo was taken by Tatiana Mikhina and even inspired a few imitations, like this one by Char-la-la on Flickr. How cool is this composition? Those... Read more
As they say "One man's trash is another man's treasure". With the craft projects presented here, you can find out how to recycle creatively and turn your trash into treasure. Chicken made from Eggshells "What Came First?" by Kyle Bean shows that nothing should ever go to trash.

Tribute to Michael Jackson, Cassette tape on Canvas Erika Iris Simmons specializes in... Read more
Beautiful flowers are probably the easiest thing to photograph. Though to take shots that look like a masterpiece and fully capture the beauty of the flower is probably a little bit more difficult to do. Amazing World Of Macro Photography This incredible flower close up was taken by gehoersturz on deviantart. I'd never get tired of looking at it! What about this close-up by Art Lionse ? Love the... Read more
To continiew with the Art of Recycling theme, I wanted to share a few more jaw-dropping recycled arts made out of reclaimed wood . Log Bowls These gorgeous Log Bowls , designed by Doha Chebib Lindskoog from Edmonton-based design collective Loyal Loot combine the beauty of a tree in its natural state. They are handmade using only unwanted waste wood - trees that have fallen in storms. This reclaimed... Read more

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