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Apparently, Wataru Itou, a talented art student from Tokyo, spent 4 years of his life building this truly incredible Paper Craft Castle On the Ocean. That's an amazing display of papercraft!

Stunning Paper Craft Castle On the Ocean

Paper Castle.

Paper Heart Box

I'd love to receive this beautiful Heart Box for a Valentine's Day, especially if it was made by my boyfriend. Great texture and colors! Unfortunately, it was made by a Gentleman Crafter. :(
Check out photo gallery on that site, featuring many more amazing papercrafts.

10 Things I Love About You Heart Box by the Gentleman Crafter!

Honeycomb Paper Lamp  

This unusual honeycomb paper lamp was created by Japanese designer Koichi Okamoto.

"We used denguri paper to create a lantern-like shading effect. it is a local product of the Shikoku region in Japan. The fold-out paper outline can surround any light bulb and socket, with the stretched folds producing a honeycomb pattern...' ~ says the designer.

Paper lamp.

Curious Birds, Bugs and Lobster

The “Cabinet of Curiosities” is a paper art project by Zim and Zou and its the most intricate papercraft animals you could ever imagine. Attention to detail is truly amazing! 

Paper Bird

Paper Turtle.

Paper Spider.

Paper Lobster.

Check out this cool video explaining the creation of the above creatures. :)

Also check their "The Eternal Jungle" the Hermès store window installation at Hong Kong International Airport.
Paper Monkey.
Paper Lizard.

Folded Paper Art

Mathew Shlian is a paper artist/paper engineer who creates unusual paper sculptures. He works within the increasingly nebulous space between art and engineering. As a paper engineer, Shlian's work is rooted in print media, book arts, and commercial design, though he frequently finds himself collaborating with a cadre of scientists and researchers. He is currently working with researches to utilize paper engineering, as a way to understand the flexible nature of nano-structures.

Folded Paper Art.

Paper Art.

Watch this video, which combines interview and time-lapse footage of Mathew creating several stunning new pieces.

Here is another artist obsessed with paper folding - Richard Sweeney. Pure joy!

Vortex, paper folding.
Paper flower.

Pleated paper sculpture installation created for the Paris edition of Miniartextil, held at Le Beffroi, Montrouge.

Pleated paper sculpture.

Paper Flowers

Jen Stark makes beautiful paper art out of regular multi-coloured construction paper.

Jen Stark makes beautiful paper art.

Paper flower

Paper flower.

Paper Typography

Refreshing Typography by Sabeena Karnik from India. She's made every letter of the alphabet in this style.

Paper Typography.

Paper Sculpture "The Journey"

Amazing paper sculpture that tells a story by Elena Duff.

The Journey by Elena Duff.

Such detailed work.

The Journey by Elena Duff.

Papercraft Masterpieces

This British Paper Artist is my absolute favourite! Helen Musselwhite creates truly inspiring masterpieces. Each piece is painstakingly drawn, cut and assembled by hand. 

"As you’ll gather from my work, a lot of my inspiration comes from the British countryside. The beauty of it never ceases to amaze me and, happily, I’m well placed to observe it, living as I do just south of Manchester with one foot in the urban landscape and the other in the countryside. Walking my dog gives me the opportunity to see how my surroundings change from day to day – it’s an unending source of pleasure." ~ Helen Musselwhite

Paper Owls.

Happy House - paper.

Paper Bird.

Paper Lion.

Paper owls.

Paper Animals.

Paper car with a trailer.

Stella McCartney Window Set.

Stella McCartney Window Set.

3D paper cityscapes for Audi A1 Global Advertising Campaign. 

3D paper cityscapes for Audi A1 Global Advertising Campaign.

Here are some more random Inspirations from  

Paper Apples

Paper Apples

Golden Swan

Golden Swan

For those artistically challenged, like myself, here is a very simple paper craft that you can create for next Christmas - 3D Snowflake DIY. Enjoy!

3D Snowflake DIY.

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