Floral Explosion

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Beautiful flowers are probably the easiest thing to photograph. Though to take shots that look like a masterpiece and fully capture the beauty of the flower is probably a little bit more difficult to do.

Amazing World Of Macro Photography

This incredible flower close up was taken by gehoersturz on deviantart. I'd never get tired of looking at it!

flower shot.

What about this close-up by Art Lionse? Love the colors.

Flower close-up.

Garden Tulips never looked this good

This stunning photo of garden tulips and the one with the bee below was taken by Gordon McBryde.  

Beautiful tulips.

Flower and bee.

This floral explosion shot was taken by comefosse.



This beautiful shot was taken by one of the iCraft photographers Aria Images from Glendale, NY.

Gentility - Original Signed Fine Art Photography.

These amazing flower shots were taken by Magda indigo, who has an impressive collection of flower shots.



Simple, yet so Pretty

Taken by lightups on Flickr.

Flower field

Photo taken by Nikolai Shahmantsir.


Photo taken by Miles Morgan.

flower field.

Water Drops

Believe it or not, but this is actually a close up of a flower with water drops taken by Laurent Batailley on Flickr. Unreal!

Flower close-up.

This one was taken by "Steve took it" on Flickr.

Flower and water drops.

Flower Field

These amazing shots of flower fields are taken by very talented Christina Manchenko. Love the colors of her photos!

Flower field

flowers by Christina Manchenko.

Another great shot of a flower field by Piotr Krol from Poland.

Flower field

Photo or Painting?

"Snapdragons And Apples" by Oxana Saranova looks more like a painting than a photo. So well composed.

 Oxana Saranova's flower photo.


Do you like taking photos of flowers? Have you captured photos that are simply amazing? I am still working on my perfect flower shot. :)

Oxana Saranova
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Mar 8, 2013 | Craft Boutique

Amazing flower photography. I wish my shots looked like that :)

Mar 6, 2013 | Red Rock Designs

Very beautiful...these shots are great.

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