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Here is my collection of best creative and unusual furniture designs and decorating ideas. 

Giant Bird Nest Bed

This giant bird nest was designed by Merav Eitan and Gas­ton Zahr as part of the Green Gar­den Exhibition.

Giant Bird Nest.

Giant Bird Nest.

Boat Beds

Suprisingly, these upcycled boat beds actually look comfotable. What do you think?

Boat Bed.

Upcycled Boat Bed.

Tree Beds

Who knew having a bed wrapped in tree branches would look so cool.  :)

Tree bed.

Hanging Beds in the Forest 

Hanging Beds in the Forest.

or how about this tree decor in the living room? I think it look spretty awesome.

Tree in the living room.

This is just a wallpaper. 

Tree wallpaper.

Bus Bed

Now you can sleep in the same type of a vehicle you were conceived in. Ha ha... :) 

Bus bed

Under Water  Bedroom

This amazing under water bedroom is from Bora Bora islands. Looks totally awesome, but would you sleep in this room? I'd probably worry all the time it would spring a leak. Or what about at night when its dark and something is moving around you? Scaaary! 

Aquarium Bedroom.

Here is another bed I'd be afraid to sleep in. Looks interesting, but what if it will close on you? :)

Shell Bed.

How about this Floating Canopy Bed from France? Pretty! I'd definetely sleep in it.

Floating Canopy Bed , France.

Flower Armchairs

Real flowers die, but these flower armchairs will keep your living room bright and colorful for a long time.

Flower Armchair.

Photo below from jejpsyche.pl.

Flower Armchar.

You'd probably feel like a bee in these beautiful Hibiscus Armchairs from Kenneth Cobonpue's Bloom Collection.

Flower Armchairs.

These chairs are almost unrecognizable and super creative. True Chairs Transformations!

Splash Milk Chair

This Splash Milk Lounge Chair by Michael Wendel was sculpted at 1/8th scale using Sculpture clay. Then the model was cut into 1/4-inch slices. The slices were scanned, blown up to full scale and used as a template for the full-scale model. Simply amazing!

Splash Lounge Chair by Michael L. Wendel.

Bloom Chair

Unique chair created from eight folded steel plates by Eerang Park. Not sure how comfortable it would be to sit in a steel chair. :)

Bloom Chair.

Bloom Chair
Unique chair created from eight folded steel plates by Eerang Park.
Bloom Chair
Unique chair created from eight folded steel plates by Eerang Park.

Crossed Legs Chair

This stylish chair by Vladimir Tsesler will surely impress your guests.

 Crossed Legged Chair.

Egg Chairs & Tables

These matching egg chair and table sets are from Le Nid, which is French for ‘the nest’, a hip and unusual bar located at the top of the Brittany Tower in France, which overlooks the entire city of Nantes. 
These matching egg chair and table sets weren’t made for some cafe or restaurant. Rather, they’re actually what you’ll find in Le Nid, which is a hip and very unusual bar located at the top of the Brittany Tower in France, which overlooks the entire city of Nantes.
Le Nid, which is French for ‘the nest’, definitely goes all out with its nest theme, since the bar is actually located inside the body of a huge, long-necked bird.

Le Nid Egg Chairs.

Here is another cool Egg Chair by Bonacina.

Egg Chairs.

Crossed Legged Chair

Coffee Cup Chairs

Coffee Cup Chairs.

Cup Bath Tub

Here is another cup design this time incorporated in the bathroom.

Cup bath tub.

Peacock Lounge Chair

Very romantic, isn't it?

Peacock lounge chair.

From Old Boat to Modern Couch

This repurposed old boat into a outdoor furniture is from a Restaurant in Santorini, Greece. Looks comfy, isn't it?

Old Boat into Modern Couch

Corner Sofa  

This unusual corner sofa called “Canape” is a great design by Lila Jang. The piece was part of an exhibition called Parcours Saint-Germain in Paris.

Unusual corner sofa called “Canape”.

Cactus Sofa

Artists and designers get inspiration from a lot of things, like cactus for instance. This freakily cactus-sofa above was used for an AXN-ad with the tagline “


 RELAX. If you can..”

Cactus sofa.

Functional Space Savers

Great window chair saving space in your house. 

Window seating.

Another functional and unusual design solution - car trunk as a closet! Perfect for condos that have tiny closets. I wonder what line of business this guy is in. :)

Car trunk as a closet.

Gummy Bear “Candelier”

The “Candelier” by New York artist Kevin Champeny celebrates the iconic sweet, the gummy bear. The piece is made up of 5,000 hand cast acrylic bears, the polychromatic light spans an 18 inch diameter, filling a space with a glowy jolly and playfull light. Sold on jellio.com. Cool! Though because those gummy bears look so real, not sure this chandelier would last in my house. Wouldn't you be tempted just to take one? :)

Gummy Bear Chandelier.

Cozy Rock Pillows

There is a company that makes pillows that look just like rocks. They come in several different sizes and colors. You can pull them out when you have unexpected company over to watch a movie or tired kids looking for a place to crash. :)

Rock Pillows.

Retro Style Office

How cool is this? I am sure this nostalgic design would appeal to so many people.

Retro style keyboard.

Guitar Staircase

Guitar staircase.

The Circle Kitchen

If you are not among the lucky ones to own a big house, you will appreciate this Circle Kitchen, a 180 degrees rotation concept design by Compact Concepts. It only measures 1.8 square meters, but combines all the utilities of a normal kitchen: a regular sink, dishes, a microwave, and even a dishwasher.

The Circle Kitchen.

Playground that's... Different

The "Chop Stick" project was commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art to create an innovative concession stand for the 100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park. The design is based on the universal notion that you need to sacrifice something in order to make something new. Implemented by Visiondivision.

Cool Playground.

Additional photo credits: Interior design loversBest photos of the worldInthralld, Home Decorating

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Apr 8, 2013 | Maple Leaf

I know what you mean, JaJeJems! :)
I just find looking at those out-of-this-world design ideas useful, as they actually inspire me to create something outrageous myself. Ha ha... :)
I think it's good for our creativity to be exposed to all kinds of art and designs - good, bad, crazy, weird - they push our boundaries and make us think outside the box.

Apr 7, 2013 | JaJeJems

Great fun! not sure how practical most of these would be but they would certainly be great conversation pieces.

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