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Point and shoot is fine for personal photography. But it takes a lot more than just a press of a button to create really powerful images, those that tell a story and invoke emotions in us.

Girl with a Flower Skirt

Girl with a flower dress/skirt.

This beautiful "Morning Mood" photo was taken by Tatiana Mikhina and even inspired a few imitations, like this one by Char-la-la on Flickr. How cool is this composition? Those flowers look like they could be actual skirts.

White rose/skirt.

Whale Shark Fashion

Shawn Heinrichs is a cinematographer, scuba diver, marine conservationist and a founder of Blue Sphere Media specializing in underwater, adventure and conservation films. He is also dedicating a portion of proceeds from the sale of his prints to the conservation of whale sharks and other threatened species. Awesome!

 offering exclusive, limited edition prints 

Shark fashion photography.

Underwater fashion photography.

Moravian Fields

Moravia is a historical region in Central Europe in the east of the Czech Republic and one of the historical Czech lands, together with Bohemia and Czech Silesia. What a magical place? So beautiful and peaceful. I wish someone transported me there right now. :)

These incredible shots were taken by 20-year old Pawel Uchorczak from Poland. 

Autumn time by Pawel Uchorczak.

Dreamy Photos

It's interesting how seemingly ordinary photos can look so spectacular. Dreamy photos have that misty, glamorous glow, like the one below.  

The last warrior.

This photo of baby moose was taken by Mark Bridger, who has a huge collection of amazing animals close-ups.

Mark Bridger

Baby moose.

These mysterious misty photos are taken by Javier de la Torre. Makes you feel lost in a forest, doesn't it?

Misty Morning.

Lost in a forest.

Magical winter forest by Heike Odermatt.


These photos were taken by Victor Peryakin.

Horse & moon.

ship and clouds

Photo taken from

Boy runningg.

These amazing shots were taken by Dmitriy Arhipov.




This photo definetely envokes strong emotions - danger, excitement, curiosuty.  


Clouds and Skyscrapers

This magnificent shot was taken by  Alisdair Miller.

clouds and skyscrapers

This photo doesn't even need caption. Pain and sadness are the emotions that's painted on this face. Taken by Fatigued.



Photo from


"Will she make it?" photo taken by Egor Kotov.


"Tunnel shadow" photo by lae wsk.

Tunnel shadow

Girl with Umbrella via Pinterest.

This photo is taken by Vicoolya Saida.


Terrific shot! taken by RC Concepcion.

ballet and baby

"Playing with mom" taken by Judylynn Malloch. How cute is that? Ahhh....

bears playing.

This is an amazing shot appropriately titled "Hallelujah!", taken by Martin Patten.


Hope you enjoyed my collection of emotional photography. Which photo did you like best?

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