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The jewelry designers at Federikas Vintage Filigree Jewelry (FVF) are mother and daughter with several decades of design experience. Jewelry Art is the perfect description for their beautiful creations. When looking at these pieces, they almost tell a story. Your mind bounces from the beautiful gems to the filigree as they compliment each other so very well. Pura has taken a few minutes to share their story... Read more
Klaire Martin is an artist working in the natural medium of silk fibers and fabric dyes. A retired nurse, she enjoys creating the wonderful silk paintings , scarves and pillows in her Mystic Silks iCraft Creator Exhibit.

She starts with pure white silk and the finest French dyes. These organic mediums take on a "mysterious life of their own" resulting in OOAK pieces of art. She uses a custom made... Read more
From childhood, Lisa Topps has been fascinated with paper art. Her designer card business, Fairy Cardmaker , reflects her love of fantasy, magic and card making. Her "business plan" is to ensure that each customer gets just the right card. She shares her talents in other ways such as her Fairy Cardmaker's Workshop to benefit animal rescue and her iCraft blog Challenges for card designers... Read more
Never letting a single piece of fabric go to waste, Christine Skaley Reid from PillowThrowDecor creates one-of-a-kind decorative pillows from her favorite art medium - designer fabrics. Working from her studio and with the help of the "pillow fairies", she incorporates unique design details into each pillow.

You may also know Christine from her popular Sellers Bootcamp which is a very... Read more
Karen from Naturliche Body Bliss has been crafting since childhood. After trying many different crafts, she settled on creating her product line of soap and bath indulgences. "Simple and Natural" is the theme for her products which are handmade with care and from only the best ingredients. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and creates her handmade indulgences in the kitchen of her condo.... Read more
With a "day job" in marketing, Linda Harrell is very busy and designing jewelry is her way of "relaxing". Although her career has filled her days, it was not enough to fulfill her desire to create. About four years ago, she decided to follow her heart by starting her own brand of handmade jewelry, which she named GalleriaLinda .

Growing up within the artistic community of Purdue... Read more
Veronica Reis grew up in a large family with four siblings and was encouraged to strive to reach her goals in life. She has surely reached her goal of becoming a fashion designer and artist. Veronica learned the basics from Lasalle College where she graduated in 2003 with a degree in Women’s Wear Design. Starting off, her first job was as an apprentice dressmaker for a high-end Haute Couture in Westmount,... Read more
Julia Goland is a 28 year old artist living in Israel with her husband and daughter, Alice. As a child, Julia got her start in jewelry design when she bravely unstrung her great-grandmother's antique pearl necklace. Although her mother was a bit upset at the time, Julia's first bracelet and necklace creation was the start of something that would continue throughout her lifetime.

Experimentation is what... Read more
The artwork of Roberta Murray’s shifts and changes before your very eyes. Each image’s narrative, seems to move sideways and flicker, then aligns to suit your personal gaze. Through the use of texture, form, and light, Roberta creates images with a rich tapestry-like depth. The resulting forms are images with a nostalgic, fairytale quality as though taken at a different time or in a different world.... Read more
Christen Largent may have deeper roots in silver than she realizes. The metal smith and proud owner of the iCraft Exhibit, has a perfect last name for a creator whose line predominately features silver. L'argent is the French for "silver"!

Although no longwinded tales of toiling silversmith ancestors began our interview, Christen did explain her personal route... Read more

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