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Justin Bieber said some wild things about Anne Frank this week, but in other, obviously more interesting news, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has re-opened after 10 years.

It's the national art museum, so add it to your itinerary if you're going to Holland! Read more
The heir to the Estée Lauder cosmetics fortune donated nearly over a billion dollars worth of cubist art to NYC's Met Museum. No word on whether there's a giant Rubik's Cube included... Read more
Point and shoot is fine for personal photography. But it takes a lot more than just a press of a button to create really powerful images, those that tell a story and invoke emotions in us. Girl with a Flower Skirt

This beautiful "Morning Mood" photo was taken by Tatiana Mikhina and even inspired a few imitations, like this one by Char-la-la on Flickr. How cool is this composition? Those... Read more
Beautiful flowers are probably the easiest thing to photograph. Though to take shots that look like a masterpiece and fully capture the beauty of the flower is probably a little bit more difficult to do. Amazing World Of Macro Photography This incredible flower close up was taken by gehoersturz on deviantart. I'd never get tired of looking at it! What about this close-up by Art Lionse ? Love the... Read more
Recently I spent a few days in San Francisco. Walking through the Fisherman's Wharf, I stumbled upon an Art Gallery featuring work of Rodney Lough Jr , an award-winning landscape photographer .

I don't think I've been inspired by someone's work so much in a long time, as much as I was walking through the gallery.

All Rodney's photographs have incredible vibrant colors that just illuminate... Read more
In a world where Walmart offers discount wall hangings for less than the cost of a lunchtime meal and superstores might be only a car ride away, it’s easy to cut corners and choose convenience over DIY crafts when it comes to home décor.

That floral print in the bathroom may not be the look you were going for, but “it will do for now”; the generic horse calendar in the kitchen cabinet... Read more
Many people hate posing for pictures at weddings etc. But I know for a fact that many photographers hate taking wedding photos too. As a photographer, you try to catch people at their best, even though everybody is drinking and often is acting silly at weddings.

In Michigan the entire bridal party fell into the lake after stepping onto dock to pose for pictures. Imagine being a photographer at that wedding!... Read more
Nothing can highlight your product like a picture, and a truly professional picture not only shows off your items, it can help move them off your shelves quickly. High quality photographs are an investment in your creations; they say that the creator believes in their products and can often sell the products themselves.

Getting your products photographed professionally is a wonderful investment, but not always... Read more
The Pear Family, 5" x 7", Oil on Canvas Panel

This was just a small fun painting to do in order to get back into the swing of painting. Momma pear and her three baby pears in shades of blue, gray, green, gold, and yellow.

The Pear Family was painted using professional artist grade oil paint on a small canvas panel. Painting can be framed or placed on a small display easel. Painting was... Read more
As I constantly try to upgrade my product photos, I am challenged as an amateur photographer! I have tried so many phases of backgrounds and staging for the jewelry product, it is not funny! With my point-and-shoot camera, I can only do so much, but believe that my photos have increased in value over the years. I have a Cannon A series camera that is the best value in the under $200 range. It has lots of manual... Read more

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