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A self-described fashion minimalist, Bibi Ramzan from Red Rock Designs exercises her analytical side by day, with a full time job in insurance. But over the past few years, her creative side has come to life, thanks to her chance decision to try out a jewellery-making kit.

“I’ve always been a bit creative, but I could never find a hobby that satisfied me. [But] after I made my first necklace I had... Read more
Take a moment to browse the pages at Jewelry and More by Kat on the newly revamped, and don’t be surprised if your visit lasts a lot longer than you anticipated. With 256 items and a variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, plasterware, and much more to choose from, the hobby shop is more like a full-fledged business. See a screenshot of just a few of the wares on the left.... Read more
Part gothic, part old-world glamour, Inna Plastilina’s wraps, shrugs, shoes and boleros are all show-stopping pieces.

"I work in a small, yet beautiful and sophisticated studio in Tel Aviv, Israel. I have a passionate love to create high quality hand made wedding, bridal, gothic, steampunk, shrugs, boleros and wraps. All of my fabrics are only of the best quality. They are not made in China, they... Read more
Like many artisans, Chen got her start by making pieces she loved for herself. She soon began giving her friends her handmade goods as gifts and quickly started receiving requests from her friends, who wanted to give the jewelry to their friends! In 2010, Chen transformed her hobby into a professional occupation and founded ChenJewels , through which she sells her fashion jewelry worldwide to boutiques and... Read more
For me, Christmas is the most magical and beautiful time of the year, - says Elena Brakhnova, also known here on iCraft as Craft Boutique .

I am one of those people who start planning for Christmas and even start buying presents for my family months in advance.

Growing up in Russia, we didn't get many present at Christmas, well, New Year's actually. Even now, Christmas is not much celebrated in... Read more
It was only natural that Denise Wandt would develop a lifelong love of creating art from recycled, rustic, and, well, natural materials.

“For as long as I can remember,” the owner of Naturally by Denise explains, “I have been coloring, painting, putting together scenes with rocks and twigs, or building cute houses and furniture for my dolls.

Art has always been a part of my life.”... Read more
As a young girl, Reshma Sandell wanted to be a crime detective, but, she says, “Destiny had other plans.”

“Crime stories still intrigue me. Needless to say I do like crime thrillers! I still feel I would make a good detective, but […] I ended up being a banker and now am pursuing my passion in jewelry!”

Anyone who browses AhKriti , her shop on, will be glad that... Read more
It's that time of year again; days are getting shorter and the air is far crisper. Time to pull on longer-sleeved shirts, a jacket, and of course, a snappy hat.

For children, having a hat on during the Fall and Winter months is particularly important. Little heads get cold fast and a hat can certainly take away the chill. Still, there is no reason why the hat they wear cannot be stylish and fun. Which is why... Read more
Husneara Begum of Feroza’s Jewelry creates beautiful handcrafted one of a kind pieces that simply sparkle. Using a range of gemstones, Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls, combined with sterling silver, vintage brass and filled gold, her creations are stylish and dazzling – with enough glamour to make you feel like you are walking a Red Carpet even if all you are doing is walking down the... Read more
It is much like a fairy tale; boy and girl meet in high school and then lose touch. Twenty-eight years later they meet again, love blossoms and they get married. Together they start a small craft business. It is fate, kismet, serendipity, which is why Hugh and Elizabeth Henry called their craft business “ Serendipity Crafts .”

Graphic designers by trade, they needed to make some more money to make a... Read more

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