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The Scarf is a pretty happening accessory these days. With seemingly endless options of length, width, design, and fabric, the way your scarf is worn has evolved from a simple personal choice to a broader symbol of your overall style.

Let’s take a closer look at the three most popular scarves and discover their style potential.

The Traditional

The traditional scarf is a thick wool winter scarf, which... Read more
Although “Fashion Icon” might not spring to mind when you think about writer/comedian Tina Fe y, this hilarious and talented woman has been turning heads with her so-called Geek Chic look since she debuted on Saturday Night Live in 2000. Known as the “thinking man’s pin up girl”, Tina Fey has the style and appeal of a woman who doesn’t realize just how stylish and appealing... Read more
Just as we were getting used to skinny jeans, hot off the runways comes the opposite style: high waisted, wide legged trousers. Although this might have some people cheering for relief from the skinny jean, which is often unflattering for anyone who isn’t a model, the high waisted pant has others begging the question why why why?!

Although structured, high waisted pants might not look terrible in the... Read more
Oh the times, they are a’changing. For pet owners, that is. Bob Dylan probably never thought this lyric would refer to a growing culture of four-legged fashionistas, but the fact remains that pet couture is a growing part of an already lucrative industry.

Apparently teaching dogs to sit and stay has lost favour to teaching them the patience required to don a sweater or dress. From Paris Hilton to your... Read more
Accessories are arguably the most fun you can have with your wardrobe. Although you might not be comfortable wearing crazy colours or patterns on a t-shirt, a bright bangle or some funky earrings can instantly pump up an outfit with personality and pizzazz. Besides adding a personal touch of style to your ensemble, accessories are also a great way to explore trends and transition through seasons in an affordable... Read more
Friends, Romans, countrymen (and women), lend me your feet. Whether you are willing to face it or not, a revolution is afoot. Literally. A storming fury of foul footwear has swept the nation and these plastic pedial pockmarks must be stopped! I speak of the bewilderingly ubiquitous Croc.

Crocs have equally fervent supporters and haters, including a website dedicated to bringing Crocs down –... Read more
Designer clothes are not for the weak at heart, nor for weak wallets. When it comes to fashion, there are certainly no shortages of ways to spend money, but where does all this money go? Is it all about cache, or is there truly something special about the designer garments that justify their high cost?

Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion. I myself have had $300 jeans fall... Read more
Fashion is known for its fickle nature. New looks, accessories and “must haves” dominate each season and trickle down from runways to shopping malls to our closets. The urge to be stylish and have the most current look is hard to avoid. We are constantly facing a barrage of pretty faces and fun outfits on TV, magazines, and ads, which just feed the beauty beast!

Although little modifications are made... Read more
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