High Waisted Pants

Posted by: Lyra Pappin

Just as we were getting used to skinny jeans, hot off the runways comes the opposite style: high waisted, wide legged trousers.  Although this might have some people cheering for relief from the skinny jean, which is often unflattering for anyone who isn’t a model, the high waisted pant has others begging the question why why why?!

Although structured, high waisted pants might not look terrible in the context of a runway show, this trend does not translate easily into daily life.  It’s hard to make anything look bad on models, and although some people might even disagree on this point, it seems that super high waisted pants are really only appropriate on the catwalk.

Let’s call them HWPs from now on, shall we?  These HWPs seem to prove that celebrities will hop onto any bandwagon, ensuring many future interviews with cringe-worthy paparazzi shots.  It’s not the size of the person that makes a difference with this look (like it does with skinny jeans), it’s more about the environment.  Nothing looks overly outlandish in runway shows, because the point IS often to be so creative, almost to the point of excess.  High fashion designers are looking to make a statement and don’t always have grocery shopping and casual dating in mind when creating their seasonal lines. 

Even the rail thin Mischa Barton and the super fit Fergie look a tad ridiculous in these up to the bra pants.  Designers claim that these HWPs make legs look longer and hold in a gut, but most “real” people would beg to differ.  The pants don’t so much call to mind a glamorous, flattering look, but an uninvited flashback to the 70s slacker look, that was more about comfort than style.  Not to mention a dash of not knowing any better.

Hippies wore high waisted jeans, and that’s possibly because that’s just how they make you look: hippy.  This is not usually a desired look by most women, though perhaps younger, super slim hipsters can make anything work, although it’s not really advisable.  There are so many other options out there that will work to be much more flattering, no matter how tiny or curvy your body is.

However, if you are determined to see this trend through, another approach to take is to opt for a more wearable version.  The Sailor Pant has a higher than average waistline and boasts a broad straight line that falls down from the hips, avoiding overly accentuating trouble areas.  Finding pants that sit higher but fall loosely, straight down, can be a sexy look, especially when paired with a silky blouse and a great pair of heels.

Aside from this one exception, the HWP is not a look that falls easily into the good books of most.  It puts everything on display that most girls want to downplay!  If celebrities are having a hard time pulling this look off, the rest of us don’t have much hope.  Don’t get sucked into this trend!  If you have a single doubt about whether the look works for you, it probably means that it doesn’t.  Feel free to investigate the Sailor Pant modification, or find the style that works for your body type.  Say No to Mom Jeans and hopefully this look will fade back into the 70s where it should have stayed.


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