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Cats, aka superstars of the internet, make everything better - including some of the world's most famous paintings.

Is there anything they can't do? Read more
Spending a day at the amusement park is always fun, even if it's boxed up. Okay, maybe it's not as fun, but it's still pretty cool. And hey, at least there aren't any height requirements! Read more
A woman may have set fire to seven pieces of priceless art to protect her son from getting caught stealing them.

Tragic loss for the art world, epic material for psychiatrists everywhere! Read more
Love them or hate them, hipsters are everywhere. And gotta say, this photo series raises a legit question: if classical statues can rock skinny jeans, are they really so bad? Read more
Don't judge a book by its cover, judge it by its fancy library location! And yes, in this digital world of e-readers, tablets and giant mobile phones, books do still exist... Read more
If you're in NYC these days, you might be seeing double.

When checking out the mini recreations of some of the most famous buildings in NYC, let me know if there's a tiny Godzilla anywhere around the Empire State Building... Read more
Just when you thought Instagram was totally pointless - turns it, it might not be!

Get some practical use out of all your food and cat pics by turning them into magnets. Hey there's an idea that just might STICK. Ha! Read more
Scientific American is taking a look at mental illness as portrayed by artists in history.

I guess Britney shaving her head is our generation's version of Van Gogh chopping his ear off? Uh oh.

Original story: A Brief History of Mental Illness In Art
‘Self-Portrait with a Bandaged Ear’ was painted after Van Gogh began to suffer from serious mental illness, including psychotic episodes and... Read more
These designs by LIE - Little Ideas Every Day - are meant to inspire and brighten up every day by smashing inspiration with reality.

Colour me impressed? Read more
Here's a twist on avoiding junk food: setting fire to it. Maybe these will IGNITE interest in a new diet?

Hmm... maybe not. They still look pretty good. Read more


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