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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, in the most wonderful city in the world!

Well, perhaps that second point is up for debate to some, but for me, it’s the best. There is definitely a special place in my heart reserved for New York City .

I’m from New Jersey, born and bred only a couple of hours away from the Big Apple. I grew up anticipating day trips to New York- the view of the... Read more
Halloween is fun. But it's not a fun to spend the generous amount of money for the Halloween preparations. Here are some money-saving Halloween party ideas for décor, costumes , and refreshments, guaranteed to make your Halloween party spooktacular! Nights are growing longer; days are getting cooler; cinnamon brooms spice up the aisles next to pumpkins and squash at the local market; and, most... Read more
Let's talk about eggs. Easter 2012 is only a few weeks away, the Easter Bunny is setting up shop at the mall, and kids are gearing up for Easter egg hunts in the yard.

Easter 2012 falls on April 8th in 2012, so let's get cracking! Here are a few easy, fun Easter egg crafts and activities for families and kids :
1. Hollow Eggs to hang or display
Creating and decorating hollowed-out Easter... Read more
A few fun and easy ideas for making Valentine's Day 2012 the sweetest one yet!

Sweet things to do on Valentine’s Day, Part One , explored some fun and creative options to make Valentine’s Day unique and memorable this year. Read on for more tips on creating a night to remember for the “him” or “her” in your life:

Create a craft. This is iCraft, after all. Even if you... Read more
Some sweet and simple ways to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Long before it was a Hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day was a celebration reserved for enjoying the love in your life. But what to do during those precious hours after work?

“Date night on a Tuesday? No fun,” you might think. But why not?

If you think outside the box, Valentine’s Day 2012 can be a fun and memorable one to... Read more
Every February 14 th , there's no doubt that many women expect to be treated to flowers, fancy dinners, or French perfume. We might be taken on a romantic date night, or spoiled with a special evening. And what do men get?

Neckties. Boxer shorts. A new wallet, maybe. And everyone's favorite gift to the waistline - chocolate!

Ladies, help the man in your life look forward to Valentine’s Day a... Read more
It’s the new year, and we’ve all noticed that pink and red heart-shaped boxes already line the aisles at the local pharmacy. Glittering picture frames and toy gorillas in heart-patterned boxer shorts can’t be far behind. And I can’t believe it! Valentine's Day , already?

See, January presents an interesting dilemma for me. I love the Christmas holidays, and I tend to keep my tree up... Read more
Don’t let lofty goals get in the way of daily victories! Remember, life’s a journey, not a destination.

As we enter the home stretch of 2011, many of us are out and about, shopping or preparing for a big night that celebrates the past year and anticipates a new one.

2012 is just a few short hours away, and with it come new opportunities. Tabula rasa . Time to wake up earlier, get to the gym more... Read more
6 natural, eco-friendly DIY Christmas decorations to spread the holiday cheer throughout your home.

One of the joys of Christmas decorations is the feeling they evoke. So even if it is a sunny holiday here in Florida, the inside of the house can still feel like a cozy winter wonderland with natural elements sprinkled throughout as the ultimate in “green,” DIY Christmas decorations .

1. Bring... Read more
While some of us haven’t set foot behind a sewing machine since home economics class in junior high (by some of us, I mean me), there are many people here on iCraft who create fabulous hand-knitted and hand-sewn work.

Put those skills to work for you and whip up some practical and personalized DIY Christmas decorations !

Home-Ec. for the Holidays

1. A tree skirt is one of the more underrated but... Read more
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