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Whether it's across the street or out of the country, moving an entire household is no easy task. I would know because I am moving tomorrow. Although my move will be just a trip across town, my type A personality has forced me to make lists, do research online, and go through every closet, desk, and drawer more than once.

But even if you take a more laidback approach to moving day, here are A Few Easy... Read more
Three easy, alternative ways to help rejuvenate your rooms, create a calm environment, and start your spring out fresh.

Delicate pink petals are beginning to unfurl on tree branches here in Florida – I know, I know, we are lucky. Pollen allergies run rampant. The sun has begun to shine brightly, when it is not interrupted by a sudden thunderstorm.

And what do these symbols of spring tell us? Easter... Read more
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Justine Benstead
Tampa, FL, US

I love my dog, the ocean, vintage world globes, most shades of blue, bookends, and loudly colored feather accessories. I adore wearing high heels, the scent of freshly brewed coffee, and surrounding myself with books. I listen to a lot of Jens Gad Pandora when I am writing, which is frequently. I like shooting outside in daylight best and I prefer to always have fresh flowers in the house. Lately, I find myself enjoying Twitter.

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