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I have a confession, everyone: I love reality TV. I limit myself to a select handful of shows (if by handful you mean that I have extra fingers to hold on with), but I just can’t get enough of the amazing cake and culinary shows out there.

The show I love most of all, however, is not about cake, but about clothes, and it is a powerhouse in fashion TV here in the United States. This fashion TV reality... Read more
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Justine Benstead
Tampa, FL, US

I love my dog, the ocean, vintage world globes, most shades of blue, bookends, and loudly colored feather accessories. I adore wearing high heels, the scent of freshly brewed coffee, and surrounding myself with books. I listen to a lot of Jens Gad Pandora when I am writing, which is frequently. I like shooting outside in daylight best and I prefer to always have fresh flowers in the house. Lately, I find myself enjoying Twitter.

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