DIY Valentine's Gifts for Her: Photo Gift Guide

Posted by: Justine Benstead

necklace brass red resin crystal vintage enamel crystalIt’s the new year, and we’ve all noticed that pink and red heart-shaped boxes already line the aisles at the local pharmacy. Glittering picture frames and toy gorillas in heart-patterned boxer shorts can’t be far behind. And I can’t believe it! Valentine's Day, already?

See, January presents an interesting dilemma for me. I love the Christmas holidays, and I tend to keep my tree up for weeks after its lonely, discarded counterparts have been picked up from the curb.

But before I know it, February has almost arrived and my halls are still decked in red and green instead of red and pink!

So this year, one of my resolutions is to be more organized. I hope to get the proper decorations in place before Cupid arrives with his arrows. And even more importantly, I would like to find or create some handmade Valentine’s Day gifts for the special people in my life, starting with the women.

Handmade Romantic Necklace Mint Czech Glass w Vintage Rose Beads

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday to celebrate because all it really requires is love… and a Hallmark card.

But for the unforgettable woman in your life, be it a sister, mother, friend, or spouse, go beyond the flowers and chocolates and consider some of these handmade DIY Valentine’s gift ideas for her.

One-of-a-Kind Finds

1. Jewlery.

While you might want to immediately get to work creating the perfect Valentine’s gift for her, the most ambitious thing to go for is, of course, also a girl’s best friend: jewelry! But even though it’s most popular Valentine’s gift for her, it might be the hardest to DIY.

So, before you break out the hot glue gun and pay a trip to the art supply store, consider whether you will create something that she will actually love and not something reminiscent of your second-grade art project.

Ruby pendant necklace  Creating your own jewelry would be a lofty but worthy Valentine’s gift for her, but choosing a piece of unique, handmade jewelry is a close second. 

  • At the very least, let these gorgeous Valentine’s Day-inspired necklaces serve as your own starting ground for a DIY Valentine’s gift for her.

2. Hand knitting.

Another aspect of DIY Valentine's gifts for her that you might be tempted to take on yourself is sewing something. A scarf, a hat, a pair of mittens.. 

I don't know about you, but I am much better at watching Project Runway than at creating something out of raw fabric that anyone would want to wear.

scarf red rufflyIf you can, do it. If you can't, there's always this rich, luxurious looking red scarf up for grabs. If there is one thing that a woman loves, it's accessories, so you can't go wrong.

Cards worthy of Cupid

3. Send love through snail mail.

Nothing says “I love you” like a hand-written note. No matter who the recipient, everyone enjoys getting a card in the mail—especially in these electronic days. Create your masterpiece in the spirit of the delicately crafted handmade card pictured below by using mixed media art, drawing, or using an online program to print your own photographic greeting cards.

Whichever type of card you decide to create as a Valentine's gift for her, remember that the devil is in the details: stenciling, drawing or painting delicate flowers, adding ribbon or texture with trim, and of course, adding a personalized note, all add up to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind gift for her that will be remembered.

Rose card for Valentine's Day

February Floral

4. Think outside the box.Pink flower photo

Everyone thinks of red roses when they think of Valentine's Day. But this year, think about giving a gift that won't have to be thrown away in a week or two. Personalized elements that incorporate beautiful flowers are a great way to make Valentine’s Day a little more meaningful for her. 

Find one of her favorite floral photographs or take one of your own, like these pink flowers pictured to the right, and frame with a hand-written note.

To make this DIY Valentine's gift for her especially special, press and preserve a live version of the flower in the photograph, and include it in the frame with a little glitter or ribbon.

Cat hat with 2 heartsValentine’s Day for the Young Ladies

5. Love for the little ones.

Most of these DIY Valentine’s gifts for her have centered around an adult “her,” but, of course, there are plenty of infants, young girls and teenagers out there.

For the littler ladies in your life, something pretty and pink will almost always do the trick!

Examples of some fun and creative DIY Valentine’s gifts you can make for the "her" in your life:

  • A notebook covered in pink fabric from something you recycled,
  • a cell phone cover self-enhanced with pink, purple, or red rhinestones,
  • a handmade piece of art,
  • or perhaps, a cute little kitten hat with pink appliqué hearts like the one pictured to the left.

Create bows, barrettes, or small hair clips for baby girls in cute, fun patterns like the rose hair piece pictured to the right. These accessories seem relatively easy to make, and easy to personalize with a favorite color or shape.Hair Accessories, Pink Rose

For the in-between stages, the toddlers and adorable little girls in your life, knit something simple and sweet, like the pink hat with a rose pictured below.

Creative knitting like journal or laptop sleeves, pencil cases, personalized cross-stich, and bookmarks are also always welcome.

Need a unique gift that everyone will love? Try your hand at making your own heart-shaped chocolates!

Be Mine?

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. Use your love of crafts to create gifts for the ladies you love.

And if you love crafts but can’t duplicate them, use this photo gift guide as inspiration to find the perfect handmade Valentine’s gift for her!

Meanwhile, I am going to go plug my Christmas tree lights back in for a few more days. Perhaps I can find some heart-shaped bulbs?

Have you started preparing for Valentine’s Day yet? What are some of the DIY Valentine’s gifts that you’ve received? Share your stories in the comments section below!



Photo Credits:
Vintage necklace by BeauMonde

Ruby pendant necklace with gold filled chain by ferozasjewelery
Handmade sweetheart necklace by GalleriaLinda
Scarf Red Ruffly by Bags and More by Pam
Quilled Flower Bouquet Hearts Love card by Fairy Cardmaker
Pink Delight flower photograph by Angie Brattan
Devil Black/Red Aviator Valentine Hearts hat by Qute Wear
Handmade Hot Pink Rose with Leaves Hair Piece by Lovely Made Gifts

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Feb 1, 2012 | Posted by: John Petter

Such a nice way to wish a Happy Valentine..

Jan 11, 2012 | Fairy Cardmaker

All great ideas! I love that vintage necklace. It's very earthy/homey and classic chic at the same time.

Thanks also for the feature!

Jan 7, 2012 | Ahkriti

Seriously, time has just zipped past! The last week of the year we were all so sick, so its just zoomed away and here I am thinking of Valentine's day already!
Last year, for V day, my daughter and I had made origami heart cards for her classmates. https://icraftgifts.com/blog/valentines-day-2011-the-handmade-magic-215.php

This year, I plan to make these heart and button cards https://icraftgifts.com/blog/valentines-day-2011-the-handmade-magic-215.php The heart was framed and I made this for Christmas, but I think I will paste the heart and buttons on cardstock and make it for my daughter's classmates

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