2012 Easter activities for families: It's all about the egg

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little girl gathering Easter eggs, easter egg hunt photo

Let's talk about eggs. Easter 2012 is only a few weeks away, the Easter Bunny is setting up shop at the mall, and kids are gearing up for Easter egg hunts in the yard.

Easter 2012 falls on April 8th in 2012, so let's get cracking! Here are a few easy, fun Easter egg crafts and activities for families and kids:

1. Hollow Eggs to hang or display

Creating and decorating hollowed-out Easter eggs can have a lot of fun uses. You can thread them with string and hang them, place them in decorative bowls, or display them in pretty egg cups.

Step 1: Hollow out the egg (Wash and dry a raw egg. Then, using a pin, the adult should pierce both ends of the egg. Next, blow the yolk out one end). Here is a step-by-step photo guide; and don't worry, it is sanitary.

 love you personalized Easter egg 2012Step 2: Paint the egg the colors or patterns of your choice, using paint brushes from any local supply store. Get creative! Create a stained glass pattern, go tye die crazy, or celebrate your artistry via personalized messages to your loved ones like the 'I  heart u' egg pictured on the right.

Be sure to spread out newspapers on the kitchen table, set out a few bowls of water for rinsing the brushes, wear smocks or old shirts, and paint away. Afterward, let the eggs sit in little cups or in the carton to dry.

Step 3. Once the eggs are dry, carefully thread the decorative ribbon or wire of your choice through the egg. Tie into a bow, and find a place to hang your hollow Easter egg! 

I would suggest a small tree or plant in the foyer or on the porch- real or artifical. Dress it up with a handful of hollow eggs in pastel colors or fun patterns like those pictured hanging below. So cute!

Alternatively, spice up a centerpiece on the coffee table or mantle with a few delicate hollow eggs. If you're an artist, create a religious or springtime motif.

*Tip: If you don't want to create hollow eggs, you can still decorate hard-boiled ones! Just keep them refrigerated instead of on display*

Easter egg hunt photo

2. 2012 Easter egg hunt

Kind of like a Christmas without presents, an Easter without an egg hunt is the ultimate drag for children. Many community centers, churches, and clubhouses sponsor local Easter egg hunts, so even if you live in a home or apartment without a yard, you can likely find a place to participate in a 2012 Easter egg hunt.

If you do have a yard, I would recommend using the same eggs every year to hide your treats in, and recycle the broken or outgrown ones.

The United States White House is even in on the action.

Through the National Parks service they sell environmentally-friendly hardwood commemorative Easter eggs and the First Family will host the annual 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll event on April 9, 2012.

hanging egg decorations Easter 2012

For your 2012 Easter egg hunt, hide coins, candy, and other small treasures in shrubs, trees, the mailbox, and other fun spots for your kids to find. If you don't want to head outdoors or the weather doesn't permit it, you can always get creative and have your 2012 Easter egg hunt inside.

3. Create Peanut Butter Easter Eggs from scratch

Easter traditionally marks the end of Lent, a forty-day period of repentance and fasting. So naturally, one of the symbols of the holiday is sweets- marshmallow Peeps, Cadbury eggs, and much more. But instead of buying all of your goodies, spend an afternoon with friends, kids, or your significant other and create some easy, homemade peanut butter Easter eggs.

I admit, I use an online recipe, but it’s so easy! How would you personalize a peanut butter Easter egg recipe?

Here’s my take: Peanut butter Easter egg cake pops!

Step 1. Form golf ball-sized peanut butter balls, following the above recipe or one of your own. Kids can help here. Let chill in the refrigerator for one hour. 

homemade peanut butter Easter eggsStep 2: Melt semi-sweet chocolate, according to the directions in the recipe. Adults only, since it involves the oven. For a delicious spin, make two batches of peanut butter Easter egg pops - one with semisweet chocolate, and one with white chocolate. Mmmm.

Step 3: Insert paper sticks (available at party supply and craft stores) into the large end of the Easter egg. Viola – instant cake pop!

Step 4: Dip the eggs into the melted chocolate to coat.  Let drip dry on wax paper.

Step 5: Bring the kids back in, grab some colorful frosting, and get creative decorating the eggs with fun springtime designs.

cellophane wrapped easter egg 2012 candy

Step 6: (Optional) Use a little bit of cellophane or plastic wrap that you have on hand to wrap the cake pops up and tie with a ribbon. Whether they're on a stick or wrapped in cellophane like the peanut butter Easter egg pictured to the left, they make a great Easter treat.

Still getting into shape for spring? Enjoy one, and bring the rest to the grandparents or any Easter 2012 get-togethers.

What are your Easter 2012 traditions? How does your family make Easter an egg-cellent holiday?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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