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For all the budget brides, I know paying for someone to do your hair can get REALLY pricey ... but check out these videos!! DIY tutorial on some cute hairdos, seems pretty easy to do too!

This will probably save you a hundred or two dollars!

For those who can't even do they hair to go to work, thank God for hair stylists or ask a friend or family member to do your hair for your dream day, you would be... Read more
I love cupcakes... and cake. I love pretty much anything involving chocolate and frosting. I'm the designated baker in my family and group of friends, so I'm always trying to learn new cupcake and cake decorating techniques.

For my nephew's first birthday party, I made both a cake and cupcakes--both decorated to compliment the golf theme. I made a basic buttercream and used the Wilton's... Read more
Planning a wedding can be a crafty girl’s dream come true, and it all starts with the wedding invitations!

The wedding invitations set the tone for your entire event , so when it was time for my husband and I to pick our invitations, we decided to go the do-it-yourself (DIY) route.

Between my craftiness and my husband’s amazing artistic ability, we decided we wanted to make our wedding... Read more
Back in high school I learnt how to macrame. Rather than put the skill to use creating plant hangers, vests and necklaces the way my classmates did, I (outside of class, of course) began designing elaborate jewelry with licorice strings and beads from candy necklaces. Needless to say I went through school in a sugar-induced haze as none of the pieces I made got through the day uneaten.

As silly as it was, I... Read more
I use only metal like silver, metal and gemstones in my jewelry creations, so using wool in my creations was indeed a challenge.

At first I thought I should wrap wool around the chunkiest of beads that I could find but then I decided that I should wrap wool around a bangle instead.

So I got cracking and looked around for a bangle, some yarn and blue beads. Lucky me I did have some blue yarn and matching... Read more
Hey Everyone,

So yesterday (June 18th 2011) I was doing a craft show in my area. It's held once a year. I didn't plan on doing it but I got lucky this year, I volunteered and I was able to get a spot for free by volunteering for the event. I met some wonderful people through the act of volunteering! : )

Anyways, I have a friend who also makes jewelry and she's constantly getting customers even... Read more
Breaking the box office this weekend - Disney's TRON Legacy is sure to be the "it" thing to talk about when it comes to special effects and movies this year. This holiday season why not handmake a piece of that digital awesomeness for your favourite move fan friend.

I came across this DIY post by Make Magazine's ladyada and Becky Stern and I thought I'd share it with everyone.

The... Read more
As a knitter, I’m always looking for better needles .

I first started knitting on needles given to me by my mom, and I had no idea what the little numbers at the end meant. Now, I can take any size needle, any size yarn and make anything! Wait a minute… yarn has size too? That’s the question I get from people who want to start knitting. People who are new to the craft don’t realize... Read more
Simple. Clean. Clear.

That's my motto! I am paper hoarder. I have paper from at least 6 years ago still in my stash. I finally found a good way to use up my pieces and strips of left over paper. All you have to do is sort your paper into co-ordinating colours and - voila! - you can make a stunning card background.

I have a square punch but you could use a paper trimmer for this technique. I like the look... Read more
One of the challenges of creating your own pieces is to find components that suit your vision.

I prefer to use either sterling or fine silver. There are so many options for components it literally will make your head spin. How do you know the actual composition of your componet pieces? Of course buying from a reputable dealer is always good advice. If buying actual pieces looking for the .925 sterling... Read more

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