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Back in high school I learnt how to macrame. Rather than put the skill to use creating plant hangers, vests and necklaces the way my classmates did, I (outside of class, of course) began designing elaborate jewelry with licorice strings and beads from candy necklaces. Needless to say I went through school in a sugar-induced haze as none of the pieces I made got through the day uneaten.

As silly as it was, I really enjoyed making the 'jewelry'. I was following patterns laid out by others, seeing what worked and learning new tricks. Even if I was using what I learnt in a less savoury (more sweet) way.

On, in additional to all the wonderful items on sale, there are a number of interesting patterns for the home crafter to follow. Seeing a hat, scarf or, yes, necklace, and being able to recreate that item for yourself is a wonderful thing. You get the guidance you need, but also the freedom to make small changes so that you can call your craft your own.

Awesome Earflap Hat / Knitting Pattern PDF Newsboy Crochet Hat pattern
Knitting instructions for small, medium and large hats. This intermediate project should take about 5 hours to complete. $5.00 CAD, emailed to you on payment. An intermediate skill crochet pattern, the demo is made with 100% wool worsted yarn. Imagine it with your choice of colour yarn. $6.50 USD, with email delivery

Most of the patterns available on iCraft are perfect for the knitting or crocheting enthusiast, no matter what their skill level. There are even some great patterns for those who want to ensure that all their Christmas gifts are home made.

 Pattern for Santa wrap cocoon and hat set Poinsettia Knitted Flower
Do you have a bundle of joy expected to arrive around Christmas? This adorable set would be great crochet project to undertake. $5.95 USD This gorgeous poinsetta flower will look amazing as a centerpiece or as an extra decoration on your presents. An intermediate knitting pattern. $6.00 USD

For a brief time I also made rag dolls - or rather rag guys, sculpted to emulate members of a certain boy band that will remain nameless. I wanted to give some of my boy band related friends really great Christmas presents, so I spent many nights hand stitching felt material, adding eyes that were just the right colour, gluing on short wool threads as hair, and embroidering on noses and mouths. The results got lots of laughs, and I know of one friend who slept with her 'guy' for almost a year.

Still, the dolls I made never approached the adorable cuteness of the rag dolls that you can produce with a Doodles Studio pattern and supply list.

Little Red Riding Hood pattern Jack and Jill Rag Doll Sewing Pattern
Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Not the Lil Red Riding Hood rag doll you'll make with this this sewing pattern. $6.50 USD Your handmade Jack and Jill rag doll can go up the hill, carrying a cute pail with them. Package includes patterns, instructions and supply list. $8.00 USD

Maybe what you are looking for is a something that doesn't involve needles, and will be a great project for your children. Why not try one of these?

Lip balm kit Leather rose pattern

Lip balm kit contains all natural, non-toxic, pre-measured ingredients. $21.95 CAD

Leather rose flower PDF pattern, with pictures of all the steps. $4.90 CAD

Creating wonderful crafts from patterns that others put together is a great way to learn and become a more experienced crafter. Soon you will be the one producing patterns for others... and selling them on iCraft, of course.

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