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Hey Everyone,

So yesterday (June 18th 2011) I was doing a craft show in my area. It's held once a year. I didn't plan on doing it but I got lucky this year, I volunteered and I was able to get a spot for free by volunteering for the event. I met some wonderful people through the act of volunteering! : )

Anyways, I have a friend who also makes jewelry and she's constantly getting customers even though her jewelry is much more expensive then mine. One way she attracts customers is by always wearing her jewelry, someone will always see one of her pieces on her and fall in love with it right away. 

She's very confident about her jewelry and is not afraid to ask a higher price because she feels she has done a great job making the jewelry. She's very accomodating to her clients, and provides them with a very good service with any jewelry that they purchase from her. If anything ever breaks, she repairs it for free. 

She's pretty successful in her business and so I look up to her as to how to run my business and get clients. 

What she's always told me is to always wear your product, that way people will notice them, and you can introduce your business to people that way. Always carry business cards or postcards so that if someone is interested you can direct them to a place where they can find your product. Always be confident about your product, and if any customer ever has an issue be as respectful and as accomodating as you can. Customers come first! It's very important to make them happy and keep them happy! A happy customer will have no problem promoting your product because they love it and they will tell other people how much they love your product and that will help you bring in more customers. 

So my friend has turned out to be a very good mentor for me! I've been in the business a few years, but she's really teaching me how to be successful in this wonderful business which I love! 

iCraft is a wonderful site and I'm very happy i found this website and am able to post my products (my Handmade Crystal Jewelry) on it. I have wonderful postcards with a picture of one of my pieces and so I use that to direct people to this website. 

I love to do craft shows, more people learn about you and even if you don't sell your whole stock you still get the word spread out about your creative business. Also during craft shows I also talk to my neighbours beside me and if there's a product I like that they have, I offer to do a trade as long as the price is the same in the end. It's also a great way to get more customers! : )

Wish you the best in all your creative endeavors. 

Katrina Idczak, owner of Katz Jewelry

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Jun 22, 2011 | Fairy Cardmaker

Thanks for sharing the tip. I don't have a wearable art. I send cards to family for occasions. Sometimes, though, I'll pop out a free card at work for someone's special event. I will put my message on a post-it note inside so they can reuse my card to send on to another. The girls said they like it that way.

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