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There are a few things that I will never forget about my own childhood. One of those things was creating and being crafty with my mother. She always had a room full of fun things that I could use (old buttons, colorful paper, yarn, glue, etc). There were only a few things that were off limits to me and she wanted me to be creative and have fun. Granted, my mother is also a very creative woman, but she always... Read more
We live in Western North Carolina where the weather can change by the minute. Luckily, we are experiencing some of the best weather for being outdoors right now. We are in that fun space where you can get away with short sleeves and blue jeans and be ok playing all day without getting chilly or hot. So, we have been taking advantage of the simple pleasures all around us and making fun memories with the kids.... Read more
If you are like us then you have several wrapper, paper towel or toilet paper rolls that are thrown out on a frequent basis. Well, I decided that with two young boys we could definitely find other uses for them that were fun and helped us repurpose.

Several rainy days prompted us to get really creative so we were glad we had them on hand!

Make a tunnel/ramp for cars

Just find a nice high place to prop... Read more
Because I have two small boys I am always on the lookout for fun craft ideas we can easily do together that they will also enjoy. Of course, it needs to have very few steps and be something they are interested in. My youngest son is intrigued with airplanes and exclaims, "Plane!" every time one flys by. It is so adorable! So, I wanted to create a craft with the boys that was airplane themed.

What... Read more
My columns on iCraft typically center around decorating and DIY, but there is one major component to today’s feature that I knew little about before writing this article: babies, or nurseries to be specific.

I don’t have any children (although I plan to later in life), and I have not spent too much time in nurseries beyond the occasional visit with friends who have small kids. So, since I like to... Read more
" Baby face, you’ve got the cutest little baby face… " ~ Baby Face by Brenda Lee

Look around. See if you notice the same thing that many of my friends have. Do you see them? Those tiny bundles of joy that seem to be everywhere? According to statistics, more North American babies are born in the summer and early fall – June, July, August, and September – than any other time of... Read more
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