5 Uses For A Wrapper Tube

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If you are like us then you have several wrapper, paper towel or toilet paper rolls that are thrown out on a frequent basis.  Well, I decided that with two young boys we could definitely find other uses for them that were fun and helped us repurpose.  

Several rainy days prompted us to get really creative so we were glad we had them on hand!

5 ideas for a wrapper tube

Make a tunnel/ramp for cars

Just find a nice high place to prop the tube up.  We like to use the train table because there are already plenty of vehicles accessible there.  Another great location is the couch or dinning room table.  We also like to place a box at the end for catching the cars.  If you want them to go faster just try this on a tile floor!

Make a rain stick

Grab some dry beans and tape from the cabinet.  Simply cut a few small pieces from the tube, flatten and tape to one end.  Add your beans and tape the opposite end of your tube.  Decorate the outside with marker and shake, shake, shake!  Want to have even more fun?  Locate a few large pots and pans and wooden spoons to create your own band.

Create a trumpet

This is one of my boys favorite things to do!  A paper towel tube is the best length for this craft.  Simply cut the bottom out of a paper bowl and tape to one end of the tube.  Your kids know what do do from there!  The boys actually play with this more than their toy guitars and drums!  Man, we could've saved some money.

Make a peanut butter bird feeder

This one is great for the summer and so easy!  Just grab bird seed, a plate, peanut butter and a toilet paper tube (best size).  Simply spread the peanut butter on the outside of the tube and then roll in bird seed you've spread on a plate.  You can slip the tube over a branch or attach a bit of string or fishing line and hang it.  The boys really enjoy making these and the birds are still thanking them!

Make binoculars

I love the exploring nature kids have.  They are so curious and it is only natural that they would love binoculars.  Just take two wrapper tubes (cut them down to size or use toilet paper size) and glue them together side by side.  Punch holes in the ends to hang a string for the neck piece.  Pair this with your bird feeder for a great day of bird watching!

The possibilities are endless with wrapper tubes!  What are some of your favortie ways to repurpose?

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