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With a rebel yell, get your safety pins and black eyeliner ready, cause it's all punk, all the time, this fall. Read more
You know how they say fashion is cyclical? This "modest swimwear" trend is one I hope sticks around. It's for the greater good! Read more
Dubbed the "Fashion therapist", Betty Halbreich will tell you what's really behind the decision to wear shoes that are way too tight, or sizes that just don't fit.

Cause when it comes down to it, Freud just doesn't know fashion. Read more
Who knew riding your bike could also be the best way to show off a new trend? Okay, this helmet is too Gaga-chic for me, but there are some amazing brands and looks out there that do what some thought impossible: make saftey stylish.

Caveat: falling off bikes, still not fun. Read more
Some mornings we jump out of bed and run out the door, throwing together our outfits in a flash, and not really thinking about it for the rest of the day. Other mornings we’re up (on time) but most of our time is spent hanging out in the closet trying to figure out what to wear.

That’s me, most mornings - standing there, looking around, trying to decipher the secret code of dressing well and... Read more
There's nothing like a good, stern warning to the cyberworld about ending bad trends before they start. If you're guilty of any of these things, look on the bright side: you've got time to stop! And if not, which one do you think is the worst? Read more
Yes - that is Madonna.

The stars came out for the Met Gala and everyone from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian was there, decked out in things that are either high fashion or fashion made while high.

Any favourites? I think I actually gasped when I saw Kimmy K.

Original story: Met Gala 2013: See All the Red Carpet Looks
It's Met Gala night! Fashion's biggest red carpet of the year! As the stars roll up... Read more
Things I thought might happen before fannypacks made a comeback:
- The Chicago Cubs win the World Series
- Carrot Top has a hit movie
- Hell freezes over

But somehow, the impossible has happened. Do you like this trend? Read more
This is quite possibly the biggest fashion win for tall girls everywhere: low heels are apparently the next big trend.

Note: any size-heeled Crocs or Converse shoes remain entirely ill-advised. Read more
A photo of non-teeny mannequins went viral in Sweden prompting more talk about what a "real woman" is. I'm no expert, but neither one of these plastic girls is a "real" woman to me.

Original story: Why shop mannequins need to be like real women The popularity of an online photograph of larger-than-average fashion dummies at a Swedish department store points the way for retailers to... Read more

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