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My columns on iCraft typically center around decorating and DIY, but there is one major component to today’s feature that I knew little about before writing this article: babies, or nurseries to be specific.

I don’t have any children (although I plan to later in life), and I have not spent too much time in nurseries beyond the occasional visit with friends who have small kids. So, since I like to... Read more
Being married to an artist definitely has its of which is never lacking wall decorating ideas!

Paintings are a great option for adorning your walls, but there are plenty of other ways to decorate your home without spending a lot of money. One recent trend is vinyl wall decals, which make a statement with the added luxury of being affordable and extremely versatile!

Several artists right here... Read more
I'd like to humbly introduce my studio and products to the good people and artisans of iCraft. I am a birdhouse architect creating modern homes for modern birds. I wish you all great luck the rest of the summer and year. Please e-mail me with any questions or requests. Read more
Ah summer!

It’s a good time to go out and enjoy the great outdoors . It is also a great time to relax at home, whether on the couch or on the patio. Or perhaps you have a cottage to visit, somewhere close to a lake, with the sounds of lapping water and children playing happily.

Where ever you chose to relax this summer, it is important to have home decorations that compliment both your style and the... Read more
There have been a lot of changes in my work since the last time I posted here. Jewelry is still my #1 product, however, I have now moved into home furnishings and furniture as well.

What started as a jewelry making business eventually led me to French-inspired furnishings. Essentially I am using old barn wood to repurpose a bench or taking shells found on a local beach to reframe a mirror. I do this for both... Read more
I’m always searching for inspiration … pillows, throws, drapery and bedding.

Stacks of decorating magazines are on my bed, under my chairs, any spare tabletop, everywhere! The most recent magazines get stuffed into my pocket pillows along with a pad of stickies and a highlighter. If that isn’t enough, I’m constantly sneaking to my laptop for a quick design blog fix.

Sifting through... Read more
Hellluuu Pussycats! I have 2 new coaster sets to show you... A Vintage "Motorcycle Babe" set.

and a Vintage Roller Derby set.

Hope you like it! Online tomorrow :)
Have a great afternoon Pussycats and be in touch!

Luv Weezi:) Read more
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