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Lonny Magazine CoverI’m always searching for inspiration … pillows, throws, drapery and bedding.

Stacks of decorating magazines are on my bed, under my chairs, any spare tabletop, everywhere! The most recent magazines get stuffed into my pocket pillows along with a pad of stickies and a highlighter. If that isn’t enough, I’m constantly sneaking to my laptop for a quick design blog fix.

Sifting through online or hardcopy home décor / design magazines is like panning for gold. I hit the mother lode when I found the February issue of Lonny Magazine online. It’s one of the best I’ve read in ages.

Here’s the top 10 reasons why you’ll love it too.

Its free! I don’t know if they will start paid subscriptions, so hurry and snap up their first 3 editions FREE!

2) I can digitally “stack” it with the other issues saving space and paper.

3) I can save favourite items for my lookbook by using my laptop’s “print screen” button. I open Picasa (free Google photo editing software), press button. Easy peasy!

4) It 219 pages of useful, interesting and FRESH information without being top heavy with advertisements.

It has interactive links all over the pages. Oh I love this part!!! When I want info on an item I can click on the picture and get a live link to product information. What a time saver and no more frustration flipping back and forth to source products.

Wide product price range. It seemed the higher the page number the higher the item prices. I love it!!!

Information is manageable for layman like me without being too technical or esoteric. Check out page 110 for a good idea board! Very visual LIKE ME!!!

Stories, stories, stories! Loved their designer top 5 tips. Page 66, 81 and more.

All my favourite interests like DIY, eco, traditional flair, glamour, pillows, pillows and more pillows.

Products relevant to me and my clients. I must have good taste, because here are 5 items/ fabrics that are similar to items in my store. Check them out!! Lonny Magazine February 2010.

5 fabric designs that Lonny has and that can be found in my store.
Items you can find in my Creator Exhibit.

Sensuous Faux Fur Pillow Shams a Devine Luxury.
Pillow Cover in Classic Wide Blue and White Stripes.
Decorative Throw Pillow in Black and White Demask and Pin Dot. Decorative Pillow with White Polka Dots on Chocolate Brown.

Lightweight Red Tartain Plaid Throw.
Christine, Pillowthrowdecor

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Feb 23, 2010 | GalleriaLinda

Great resource. How do you find time for it all? Thanks for the synopsis and I am off to get it!

Feb 23, 2010 | Craft Boutique

Christine, you have a great design sense. Lonny should be consulting you on their next issue. :) Nice magazine and great decorating ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Feb 22, 2010 | Posted by: Leslie Hassler

Oh boy - sign me up! I love the zebra pillows and the blanket - especially since it should sleet in Houston tomorrow! I wonder can I put this on my nook?

Goodness - current subscriptions - LUXE, Ocean Magazine, Veranda... I tend to cycle one year one, one year off so I can get a variety without the weight of my 'zines cracking the foundation (or so my DH says). Thanks for sharing

Feb 21, 2010 | BlueRoomGems

Thanks for introducing me to Lonny! An online magazine is such a terrific idea. I too have a woefully large stack of paper mags sitting around my house! I love your blog too! It is very entertaining and informative. I will be checking on future postings!

Feb 21, 2010 | Posted by: Runway Crochet

I think your blog is fabulous! Great inspiration and wonderful ideas, too! Cheers to you! =)

Feb 21, 2010 | Posted by:

Hi Teebarnes! LOL...you and I read the same magazines! I loved those idea boards! My spring line is pinned up on my workroom wall board but isn't as inspiring yet. Thanks for stopping by!

Feb 21, 2010 | Posted by:

Hey Middlesis! thanks for the lovely words about my pillows and yes my pocket pillows are big hits. LOL.. season to dejunk at my house too, and wash windows, and and... I'll get started after reading my new magazines :)

Feb 20, 2010 | Posted by: teebarnes

I love Lonny Magazine! And it is free!!!!!! And online! The February issue was fantastic! Beautiful homes were featured. I like the how to ideas at the end of each featured home. I hope the magazine will feature modern homes every now and then, would like to see a variety of styles. I subscribe to House and Home, Style At Home, Elle Decor, and the now defunct Met Home. Buy House Beautiful and Arch. Digest at the mags stand(will need to subscribe as they are very expensive this way! My home is over flowing with mags :(

Feb 20, 2010 | Posted by: blackdogworld

Love this, very cool and fresh looking. So very glad you sent this link to me. Blog is great too. I am interested, very interested!

Feb 20, 2010 | middlesis

Wow! Great magazine. The featured designers were interesting. I love the blue striped pillows and the polka dot pillows.The pocket pillows are a great idea and these are the same pocket pillows my daughter keeps talking about that she saw in Woman's World. I hope the Lonny Magazines continue online! With organizing and dejunking in full swing here, I need lots of decorating ideas. Thanks!

Feb 20, 2010 | Posted by:

I'd love to hear any comments you have about Lonny Magazine! What's your favourite home decor Magazine... I need to add a few more subscriptions :)
Cheers Christine