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Okay, so maybe athletes don't need extra attention but taking them off the field and putting their spectacular moves into everyday situations is a pretty killer idea for a photo series. Check 'em out, but... don't try it at home. Read more
I never thought of a graffiti, as an art form , until I moved to a bigger city. Standing in front of a huge mural painted on a side of a building was a powerful experience for me. Painting at that scale was impressive, and somehow, it nicely blended into the building's surface and complemented its architectural elements.

Here are a few wall murals that exist in a complete harmony with the buildings that... Read more
It sounds impossible but it's true: video games are helping bring a dying art back to life. Specifically, Japanese woodprints.

There's a first time for everything! Read more
Everyone's looking to cut corners, which is usually a bad thing, but in this case, it could be pretty impressive.

This artist will somehow size you up and bring you to life (a second time?) in a matter of minutes. Do you buy it? Read more
Does the style of guitar impact the type of music these guys made? You make the call.

(Side note: pretty disappointed no women are included! What's up with that?) Read more
Cats, aka superstars of the internet, make everything better - including some of the world's most famous paintings.

Is there anything they can't do? Read more
Spending a day at the amusement park is always fun, even if it's boxed up. Okay, maybe it's not as fun, but it's still pretty cool. And hey, at least there aren't any height requirements! Read more
A woman may have set fire to seven pieces of priceless art to protect her son from getting caught stealing them.

Tragic loss for the art world, epic material for psychiatrists everywhere! Read more
Love them or hate them, hipsters are everywhere. And gotta say, this photo series raises a legit question: if classical statues can rock skinny jeans, are they really so bad? Read more
Don't judge a book by its cover, judge it by its fancy library location! And yes, in this digital world of e-readers, tablets and giant mobile phones, books do still exist... Read more

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