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I never thought of a graffiti, as an art form, until I moved to a bigger city. Standing in front of a huge mural painted on a side of a building was a powerful experience for me. Painting at that scale was impressive, and somehow, it nicely blended into the building's surface and complemented its architectural elements. 

Here are a few wall murals that exist in a complete harmony with the buildings that they've been painted on.

Wall Murals by David Guinn

The Four Seasons in Philadelphia
Acclaimed Philadelphia mural artist David Guinn is well-known for his paintings of the natural world. 

Wall Murals by David Guinn.

Winter: Crystal Snowscape, David Guinn.The Four Seasons in MontrealThe Four Seasons in Montreal

Autumn Revisited

Autumn Revisited
Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia

Autumn Revisited, wall mural.

Sartain Garden
Sartain and Locust Streets, Philadelphia.

Sartain Garden

Lisbon Graffiti 

The derelict buildings of Lisbon are providing an enormous blank canvas for urban artists, who are creating street art bold enough to stop the traffic. This corner building shows work by Os Gêmeos and Blu.

Wall art, Lisbon.

The crocodile on the left is by Ericailcane, an Italian artist.

Lisbon Graffiti

Birds Graffiti
on the right is by Lucy Mclauchlan, Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, Lisbon.

Bird mural, Lucy Mclauchlan, graffiti, Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo.

Titanic Painting, Street Art, Berlin Germany 

Titanic Ship Building City Picture, Street Art, Berlin Germany

Street Art Murals in Lodz, Poland

The city of Lodz in Poland is promoting the work of street artists from around the world as a way of creating a cultural re-invigoration of this city. Aryz (photo © Courtesy Urban Forms)

Lodz Street Mural.

Street art in Poland.

Poland street murals.

Eye Deceiving Wall Murals by John Pugh

ACADEME, California State University mural has been a landmark in downtown Chico since 1980. It was painted by an American artist John Pugh known for creating large wall murals giving the illusion of a three-dimensional scene behind the wall.

ACADEME, California State University by John Pugh

Main Street, Los Gatos
This Egyptian style mural adorns a wall in Los Gatos, California. Pugh sometimes paints people into the mural to heighten the 3D effect.

An Egyptian style mural adorns a wall in Los Gatos, California.

How do you feel about street art? Do you think street murals beautify our buildings and city walls? Do you usually notice and admire them or don't pay much attention to them? 

Street art, girl watering tree.

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