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Whether you’re very young or very very old, you’ll find crocheting and knitting calming and relaxing. Even in a busy schedule you can enjoy ‘slab’ knitting or crocheting. Just repeat that simple pattern while your mind is on your favourite TV program or you’re chatting with friends and family.

This 101-year-old crafter has been crocheting for 65 years! (The image is by Adam Vogler... Read more
They were cool then and apparently, they're still cool now!

Patchwork quilts are still popular today as a time old tradition that literally weaves together the past and present. Or maybe it's just Alaska where it's always quilt weather! :)

Read full story: Alaskan Pratt Museum show looks at art and stories of quilts Read more
Today my sister came home with this book from the library: Chinese, Celtic and Ornamental Knots for Beaded Jewellery by Suzen Millodot.

Suzen grew up in new London England and trained to be an optometrist. In her travels with her husband, she fell in love with ornamental, Chinese and Celtic knots . She has taught in Montreal, Cardiff and Hong Kong. She now lives and works in Wales, by the sea.

The book is... Read more
Muscat annual Festival in Arab Emirates is happening in January-February 2013.
It's a celebration of Arabic style at the Muscat Fashion Week; a feast for the taste buds at the Oman Food Festival and a number of entertainment activities that will appeal to the whole family.

The Crafts Village in Muscat’s Qurum Natural Park in Dubai is displaying art from countries such as Yemen, Syria, Malaysia,... Read more
I was first drawn to Quartetclocks because of the modern time pieces they were creating . You will find abstract art and uniquely created constructions to fit a customer's wish list. The colors are bright and inviting and the clocks are truly one of a kind.

So, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the father and daughter duo that make up Quartetclocks .

Tell us a little bit more about yourself... Read more
Jewelry materials come in many forms - beads, wood, glass, and handmade silver. You name it! Almost anything can be made into an accessory, it all depends on the designer’s preference of what material to work with and their creative vision.

One particular material that I especially like to work with are metal rings to create different patterns called chainmaille (varied spellings include: chain maille,... Read more
While crafting is not my profession, it is something I have come to love for many reasons.

For starters, I grew up with a mother who was always sewing, crafting and creating. She really could have done it for a profession and has been paid on a few occasions, but she does it for fun and for loved ones. I also love the satisfaction it brings to know that you created something all yourself with your very own... Read more
Have you ever been sick only to get the mail and there it is. A get well card. And not just any get well card. It's a beautiful handmade get well card. Feeling better? Probably a little; it comes from the warmth and joy of opening the card.

It really means alot when someone sends you a card, made by hand, in the mail because they were thinking of you, wishing you well or they want to thank you for... Read more
Trends are a fickle thing, something can change in the blink of an eye. When we've spent our hard-earned money on something it suddenly goes out of style and something new emerges. Trends make us want to have what everyone else has and it's easy to obtain because it's all mass produced. We kind of lose our individuality a little bit. I agree that keeping your individuality may be difficult in a... Read more
Sea Glass can best be located at coves, harbours or anywhere where there is a current flowing. Sea glass comes in various styles, shapes and colours. Beachcombers across the world are searching for these colourful gems etched by the sea.

A Canadian mother and daughter duo, Janis and Jessica, turned their passion of sea glass collection into a fun jewellery making venture. They opened a store on iCraft called... Read more

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