Where to Find Sea Glass?

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Seaglass bracelet in green and white - Sea Cucumber

Sea Glass can best be located at coves, harbours or anywhere where there is a current flowing. Sea glass comes in various styles, shapes and colours. Beachcombers across the world are searching for these colourful gems etched by the sea. 

A Canadian mother and daughter duo, Janis and Jessica, turned their passion of sea glass collection into a fun jewellery making venture. They opened a store on iCraft called JaJeJems where you will find all their creations, including their sea glass jewellery. The two of them love walking the beaches of eastern Canada and finding unique pieces of sea glass to add to their selection. They collect the pieces, then clean them and use them in their handmade jewellery designs. 

The seaglass bracelet created by JaJeJems pictured above is one fine example of their clever designs. The green and white gems in this bracelet were gathered on the beaches of eastern Canada. Jessica drilled the holes in each piece, so she could attach them to a silver chain with hand wrapped loop in 20 gauge silver plated brass wire. You can also pair it up with their "Keep it simple" sea glass pendant on leather

JaJeJems also makes other styles of handmade jewellery that are just as creative as their sea glass jewellery. For example, their "Windy Shores" lampwork necklace in black and ivory below. The lampwork bead in this handmade necklace was designed by Janis, which is the focal point of this jewellery piece. It hangs from a braided cord, made from satin rattail, on a Japanese Kumihimo hand loom. JaJeJems suggest this piece for casual dress-up wear. 

Lampwork necklace in black and ivory - Windy Shores

Crocheted bead bracelet - Apple Blossom Time

Another great design from JaJeJems is the "Apple Blossom Time" crocheted bead bracelet pictured below. This bracelet has lovely colours of pink and green, which are very light fresh looking. This crocheted bead bracelet is also very lightweight and stretchy. Visit their store to also find matching earrings. 

So whether you are looking for some sea glass jewellery, lampwork or crocheted bead jewellery, JaJeJems has somethihng there for you!

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Oct 18, 2012 | Fairy Cardmaker

There is something enchanting about the seaglass - each piece has a history, swept into obscurity by the sea. Thanks for sharing what can be made with it.

Oct 18, 2012 | Jewelry by Kat

My daughter also loves seaglass, I will have to share your story. Good post.

Oct 17, 2012 | Silver Workshop

Great topic, Delightful Suds! Thanks for the insight into sea glass and the jewellery made out of it.

Oct 17, 2012 | Red Rock Designs

Great post about sea glass....especially for those that don't know what it is or where to find it.

Oct 17, 2012 | JaJeJems

Thanks Delightful Suds! You make our work look great!

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