Crafter Interview: Quartetclocks {Father/Daughter Team}

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I was first drawn to Quartetclocks because of the modern time pieces they were creating.  You will find abstract art and uniquely created constructions to fit a customer's wish list.  The colors are bright and inviting and the clocks are truly one of a kind.  

So, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the father and daughter duo that make up Quartetclocks.

tom and alicia

Tell us a little bit more about yourself

Thomas - In the early 80's I attended the University of Guelph where I obtained my degree in fine art. At that time I could not find a career to facilitate my passion for art. Like many others I put my dream of creating on hold to meet the day to day responsibilities of life.

Alicia - I like to play with color in any medium. I love my Kindle. I attend OCAD University in Toronto and I'm majoring in Material Art and Design. When I am not working with my dad I am goofing around with my friends.

tom at work

When did you first start creating the beautiful clock artwork and what prompted it?

Thomas - I have always been interested in form so sculpture has been a part of my work. I can't remember that “Ah Ha!" moment that inspired me to combine sculpture and time but it happened in the mid 90's.  At that time eBay was becoming very popular and I saw this as an opportunity to fund my art. Unfortunately packaging and shipping complications made it unprofitable. But I always knew that I'd come back to selling online someday.

Alicia – When I was in grade 3, one of my paintings was published in the front cover of the school calendar. My fascination with colour is what inspires me to create beautiful clocks with my dad's designs.

alicia at work

What are your favourite clocks to create?

Thomas – I have to say the Spring series is my favourite creation because this is the first project I created with my daughter.

Alicia - I have only designed one clock - Wedding Rings - which has sold, so I am going to say that one.

alicia's favorite clock

How do you come up with ideas for your projects?

Thomas - Every clock starts with a sketch and from there it can go one of two ways. The first is seeing form in the life that inspires me and I go from there. Other times I just start doodling and draw whatever feels right. Next, the computer work and cutting. Neither of these two tasks goes without technical difficulty. I see the mix of art and technology as exciting yet a frustrating process.

Alicia - I don't create the designs on my own, yet. My focus is on surface finishes. I like to experiment with colour, paint and texturing. I am amazed at how well my dad solves all technology glitches, we really work well together.

 Wall Clock Hand Painted Matte and Glaze Burnt Sienna Teal Gold, Tom's clock pick

What do you do when you are not creating?

Thomas - When I'm not making clocks I'm thinking about shapes and forms. So I would have to say I'm always creating.

Alicia - When I'm not creating I'm watching Family Guy or American Dad :)

Have you had the most success selling online or offline?

Thomas- Well in total I have sold about 100 clocks online but its too early to tell which offline venue we have chosen will work.

Alicia - I'm a newbie so I can not answer this question.

What advice would you give to others who are thinking about creating and selling online?

Don't take it personally just make sure you enjoy what you are doing. People are just looking to be treated fairly - sell good stuff. Package it as nicely as you would expect to receive it. Laugh every day.

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Nov 16, 2012 | Posted by: Quartetclocks

Thank you. The pictures fail to capture the reflective quality and smooth finishes of our clocks. We designed the clocks to reflect light at different angles; also the forms, and curves and textures are designed to be touched.
Again, thank you for your appreciation.

Nov 4, 2012 | LisaGold

I absolutely love your clocks! They look more like an artwork. Very creative!

Oct 29, 2012 | Fairy Cardmaker

I think the creations are amazing. I love the flow of the pieces. It keeps your eye going around every curve. Really lovely!

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Fletcher, NC, US

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