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Ever go to a craft fair and all the vendors greet you with smiles and all their products are nicely displayed - like they have been there forever? The atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming. Don't let any of that fool you . Join me now for the real happenings.

The typical craft fair day starts at dawn or before - with the loading of the car. I get 3 folding tables and 2 chairs out of the shed while... Read more
Artisangirl here with another segment of Fun Facts About Gemstone, part 3 !
Today I continue with a stone that I think has a super unique and organic look to it:
Jasper (Leopardite)...The Stabilizing Stone ...Helps the body set the stage to receive changes that will come. Prepares the way for long term change. Acts as a supplement to the body's own energies.

Lapis Lazuli...The Power Stone. ..Symbol of... Read more
It's the perfect time of year to look around and turn old objects into brand new projects and crafts. Whether you're stuck inside because of the chilly weather, or have kids home for the holidays, Amy Azzarito's new book helps get you started. Your home will be front cover-worthy in no time! Read more
My story starts almost 40 years ago , when my husband and I moved from Erie PA and started our lives together in Orlando FL. At this time I did a little bit of artistic work, mostly painting, but really did not start my crafting until I found out we were expecting our first child. To help keep costs down, I made most of my maternity clothing which got me sewing again, something I enjoyed doing as a young girl.... Read more
Colombian artist Diana Belrtran Herrera is keeping endangered birds alive with her latest art exhibit that turns the beauties into works of paper art.

Could be fun to try a version of this project at home as a way of preserving memories of local birds and other nature pals. And if you have kids, great way to have a "starter pet"! Read more
Most of the knowledge on the history of jewelry has been lost. Originally it was believed that early jewelry was worn not only for adornment, but also for its particular "energy" properties and how these stones reacted with our electromagnetic field. This probably explains why gemstones were sometimes tied around the wrist, hung around the neck and even embedded in a warrior's armor & shield.... Read more
Last week was the fashion event in San Francisco hosted by the art organization RAW. The turnout was enormous, with lots of fascinating and creative souls showing their wares to the swarm of people circulating throughout. The event was full of energy and the EDM vibe was amazing!

Runway at the RAW event

RAW is an international indie arts organization that supports the work of local artists, fashion... Read more
These days I'm not quite sure what season it is. I recently traveled to Ohio for a short trip and encountered snow flurries! Yes, snow flurries in late April. The next day it was 70 degrees and sunny.

I have decided that in order to feel like spring I will need to surround myself with things that remind me of the beloved season. So, what comes to mind? Florals of course! Here are a few wonderful... Read more
This great concept all started with a kid's drawing of a stick man.

Whoever comes up with a way to create custom human men, let me know. Read more
Check out these cuddly, creepy, gory goons from 'littleinkstain' who also has great illustrations and more perfect combos of fun and weird that are sure to give you the sweetest nightmares. Read more

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