My journey to a craft fair

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Ever go to a craft fair and all the vendors greet you with smiles and all their products are nicely displayed - like they have been there forever?  The atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming.  Don't let any of that fool you.  Join me now for the real happenings.

The typical craft fair day starts at dawn or before - with the loading of the car.  I get 3 folding tables and 2 chairs out of the shed while watching for morning skunks out of the corner of my eye.  After 5 trips to the car, even though my back hurts and I'm tired, there is the 200 pound suitcase of jewelry trays that need loading into the backseat.  Lift, push, groan and it's finally in.  Now for the backpack with the bracelets and earrings and 3 bags of displays and gift boxes.  By now the sun is up and I'm off.

Today I'm lucky; it is only an hour's drive.  After getting lost 2 times, I finally arrive.  Now - to unload.. everything that I just put in the car.  After 6 trips inside, I set up my tables to look pretty with all my jewelry.

My back says ' never again', I'm tired and need a coffee because 5 am is so early to get up.  Now it's time to smile, look rested, relaxed and greet people. 

After 7 hours of greeting, talking and waiting on customers, it is over and time to pack everything back into the car.  Jewelry trays back into the suitcase, bracelets and earrings back into the backpack - Yeah!  everything fits!  Lug the tables and chairs back to the car - 5 trips.  Rearrange the trunk because it DID fit on the way here!  Push and slam the trunk. NOW, for the 200 pound suitcase.

Back home, unload tables and chairs to the shed - 5 trips.  The 200 pound suitcase up the stairs into the house - only it feels like 400!  Now that everything is put away, I spend the next 2 hours at the computer, deleting sold jewelry from my online stores.  As I head to bed sore and tired, I will get excited about next weekends craft fair - well NOT tonight, maybe tomorrow...

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Feb 16, 2014 | JaJeJems

Lol, that is so true! Makes one wonder if it is worth the effort sometimes, doesn't it? Still have to say there is a lot to be said for meeting and greeting!

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