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Ever go to a craft fair and all the vendors greet you with smiles and all their products are nicely displayed - like they have been there forever? The atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming. Don't let any of that fool you . Join me now for the real happenings.

The typical craft fair day starts at dawn or before - with the loading of the car. I get 3 folding tables and 2 chairs out of the shed while... Read more
It's quiet in the house and late at night- perfect for creating that cha cha bracelet that I've been thinking about. First order of business, get prepared.

I get my cloth and spread it out, go through my colorful beads and choose the aqua ones. I choose the chain, headpins, a few charms , pliers, snippers and I'm ready. I spread out the beads on the cloth, so they don't roll onto the floor.... Read more
Have you ever been sick only to get the mail and there it is. A get well card. And not just any get well card. It's a beautiful handmade get well card. Feeling better? Probably a little; it comes from the warmth and joy of opening the card.

It really means alot when someone sends you a card, made by hand, in the mail because they were thinking of you, wishing you well or they want to thank you for... Read more
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Jewelry by Kat (aka Jewelry by Kat )
Chicopee, MA, US

I am a retired Gramma and when I 'm not kayaking, I am creating jewelry, greeting cards, painting ceramics and crocheting. Just me and my coffee.

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