A Quiet Evening Making Jewelry-Wrong!

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Bead supplies It's quiet in the house and late at night- perfect for creating that cha cha bracelet that I've been thinking about.  First order of business, get prepared. 

I get my cloth and spread it out, go through my colorful beads and choose the aqua ones.  I choose the chain, headpins, a few charms , pliers, snippers and I'm ready.  I spread out the beads on the cloth, so they don't roll onto the floor.  As I begin my cha cha bracelet, I can envision the finished piece.

As I snip the headpins, the pieces go flying and hit the corner wall of my workroom PING, PING.  I'll clean that corner later.  As I work, my cat wanting to say hi, stands on his back legs, putting his paws on the table.  This might have been cute but, his claws pulled the cloth to the floor with all my loose beads! 

After chasing beads all over the floor, I get everything back together and get the bracelet half made when -SNIP- I snipped the chain and broke the bracelet!  Oh my.  I had to snip off all the beads I had done and start with a new chain.

The finished Cha Cha Bracelet. Well, about now I need a coffee and as I get up to go make a pot, I snag the cloth and yes, all the beads promply return to the floor.  Things are going smoothly and the bracelet is half done , again, the dog needs to go out.  She stands on her back legs and pats my arm with her front paw and hits the cloth and there go the beads again.  Are you kidding me?!!

I finally finish the beads and attach the charms and sit back to admire my work. BEAUTIFUL!  That was easy and didn't take long at all- oh is that the morning sun?

(I'm glad every piece of jewelry that I make, isn't as much fun as this one)     

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Feb 1, 2013 | JaJeJems

I can actually picture the whole scenario! but what a beautiful bracelet!

Jan 26, 2013 | Red Rock Designs

Kat, great blog! Its good of you of share the "process", when all our customers get to see is the finished product.

Jan 25, 2013 | Lannie

Oh Kat,
That sounds like quite a night of fun and games with the animals! I'm glad you stuck with it - the cha cha bracelet turned out beautifully.

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