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Kim Hermann, Exclusively Yours.My story starts almost 40 years ago, when my husband and I moved from Erie PA and started our lives together in Orlando FL. At this time I did a little bit of artistic work, mostly painting, but really did not start my crafting until I found out we were expecting our first child. To help keep costs down, I made most of my maternity clothing which got me sewing again, something I enjoyed doing as a young girl.

Then one day at work at lunch I was watching one of my co-workers knitting a sweater for her daughter. Before we went back to work I asked if she could teach me to knit so I could knit some baby things, her response was NO!

I was a bit put off by her quick answer, but just brushed it off. The next morning when I arrived at work I found on my desk a learn-to-knit book, a pair of knitting needles and a skein of yarn. My co-worker explained that she is a terrible teacher and said she learned by teaching herself. She gave me all I needed to get started and advised me to “just keep practicing and you will get the hang of it”.

I took that as a challenge and made it my goal to make my new baby a sweater and hat before he was born. I used the book (that I still have today), followed the directions, and made my first sweater. I was so proud of myself – It was a bit long in the sleeves and wide, but I made it for my baby and that’s all that mattered.  I continued to knit until I felt I was good enough to make Christmas gifts for the family. Knitting became my pastime and I continue to teach myself different techniques and stitches that help me to grow into an expert knitter.

After living in FL for a couple years we decided to move back to our home town in Erie, PA. I was a stay-at-home mom with another baby on the way.  I answered an ad in our local paper where a local sweater designer was looking for knitters to knit in their own homes. I went for an interview, bringing some of my handmade knitted items. She was so impressed with my work she hired me on the spot and gave me my first project to see how I would do. When she picked up the pieces I knitted for her she told me you are a gem and gave me over 10 years of work. Her designs were sold in places like NY, Boston and Chicago and the average cost of one of her designs was $250.

Denim bag from Kim Hermann Exclusively Yours

Over time I learned to create my own designs without using patterns or instructions, so now I can knit or crochet almost anything with just an idea in my head.

I love to knit and crochet, but as my children started to get older, I became very involved in their school activities and things like the boy scouts and girl scouts. This opened my eyes to all sorts of different crafting that appealed to my creative side, like cross stitching, tote painting, glass painting, silversmithing, paper weaving (I use paper products like magazines and newspapers to make a one of a kind handbags), and jewelry making.

Christmas Earrings from Kim Hermann Exclusively Yours

Jewelry making has become my second love.

As in knitting I taught myself to make jewelry. I bought a book to learn the basics and before too long I was creating beautiful jewelry with beads. Then I branched out to using wire in my designs. I have now been making wire jewelry for over 10 years and love to create new designs. I recently started to experiment with silversmithing and plan to soon have a collection of metalworking designs in my store.

I find that going between working on my jewelry and knitting or crocheting helps my creative juices flow.  

I owe my family a great deal of thanks for all they have done to support my love of crafting throughout the years. Now that our three children are grown with families of their own my husband and I have retired to AZ and I have the opportunity to go to many outdoor craft and art shows in the area to sell my crafts. I love doing these shows, meeting new people, and talking about my designs and my talent to create unique things that most people can't or just didn't think of themselves.

My designs are featured on my website, my Facebook page and of course here at my iCraft store. Check them out!

Kim Hermann

Kim Hermann Exclusively Yours

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