Fun Facts About Gemstones, Part 3

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Artisangirl here with another segment of  Fun Facts About Gemstone, part 3!
Today I continue with a stone that I think has a super unique and organic look to it: 
Jasper (Leopardite)...The Stabilizing Stone...Helps the body set the stage to receive changes that will come. Prepares the way for long term change. Acts as a supplement to the body's own energies.

Lapis Lazuli...The Power Stone...Symbol of power and loyalty. To wear as jewelry, it draws energy upward, drawing the mind inward to seek its own source of power. Serves both as mental and spiritual cleanser. I once made a necklace of lapis and sterling silver beads for an opera singer from Korea and she swore it helped improve the clarity her voice!

Malachite...A Magic Mirror...Acts as a mirror to the subconscious. Helps bring to the surface that which is unknown or unseen. Transforming for the soul/heart consciousness. This stone soaks up plutonium and electromagnetic pollution and guards against radiation of all kinds. A truly powerful stone!

Obsidian...The Warrior Stone...Ruled by Pluto, takes the mind through the dark areas of the subconscious. As the warrior of truth it slays illusion. It symbolizes mastery over the physical plane.  Obsidian is a very strong protective stone shielding one from negativity. It also eliminates energy blockages and relieves tension.

Opal...The Amplifier...Has the quality of amplifying a persons traits, whether positive or negative. A stone good for business matters. In the past opals were used to create invisibility. A bay leaf was wrapped around the stone and carried around for this purpose! It is also used in jewelry to promote psychic abilities. Ancients believed opals strengthened the will to live and purified the blood and kidneys. 

Peridot...The Power Cleanser Stone...This stone is mentally stimulating and physically regenerating. Helps in seeing clearly and allowing problems to dissolve.  Alleviates fear and promotes spiritual healing. Ancients believed peridot helped to attract love and to calm raging anger. It also opens the mind to new levels of awareness.

Well, I hope you're enjoying this series...but, before I go, I have to mention that week before last, I attended the "Great San Francisco Crystal Fair" here at Fort Mason where it's been held for decades.  The weather was cool, sunny and crisp. I packed a lunch in my trusty ole' wicker basket that doubles as a place to store the lovely "treasures" I purchased.  I had a blast scooping up some  beautiful stones...see below!

Just a few of my "treasures" from the Crystal Fair. I have fluorite and plum jade beads, rhodochrosite rhodolite, some quartz crystals( I love using these for pendants!) some labarodite pieces, and my newest find...fossilized squid called "orthoceras"...Oh the possibilities!  There's my lunch basket doubles as a place to keep my stones safe while I continue to shop!

The day was unusually clear and can just see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background...usually the fog covers any view of it!

Fort Mason where the event has been held for decades...I've been going every year for many years...such great finds and the deals are terrific. Plus, I get to meet fellow jewelers and crystal fanatics...what fun!!!

Artisangirl signing off now...Much luv!

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