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Most people buy Lululemon yoga pants because they have a great reputation for flattering legs, thighs and behinds. In a BOLD move, they inadvertently sent shipments of pants that are see-through. Unless they were sending them to Jennifer Aniston and various other superfit, wildly confident women... epic fail.

The shipments have been recalled. Thank god.

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Not since Don Johnson has there been so much talk about white shoes . Apparently, with spring around the corner, white heels have become popular again. I will probably never wear them, but... I like them! And who cares about fashion "rules" anyway?

Did you even know that wearing white shoes was controversial? Post below if you feel differently!

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It's Fashion Week in Paris and there are t-shirts and skirts that cost thousands of dollars as far as the eyes popping out of your head can see! According to Balenciaga, it seems that black and white is "in" - is this new?? Either way, they're gorgeous and hopefully some great inspiration... Read more
E! Online has selected 10 of the best Oscar looks ever, in advance of the awards this Sunday. I will personally be wearing track pants for the Oscars but now I feel bad about it because these dresses are amazing. Penelope Cruz and Mila Kunis are my favourites... maybe I'll wear a purple sweatshirt in their honour.

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I recently saw this fascinating fashion and textiles exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum (or ROM) called BIG. As they say on their website "The newest ROM exhibition showcases textiles and costume that, in their own remarkable way, are BIG … BIG in size, BIG in historical importance, BIG news, created by a BIG name, carry a BIG price tag, and so on."

ROM's extensive collection... Read more
Today my dear friend Audrey McClelland completed a segment on the Today Show talking about the upcoming fashion trends for 2013 . I love seeing predictions like these and watching how they quickly cross over to home decor and crafting in general. This year features bold colors, emerald green, metallics and more! I'm especially excited about the green factor since it is the school color for the high... Read more
Twenty-two thousand square feet of cutting-edge unguents and elaborate treatments where no limb will ever go untanned, no lash unenhanced and no hair will escape being tweezed, dyed or lasered into submission.

That's "Beauty Bazaar" at Harvey Nichols, just opened in Liverpool, a hyper-grooming on a scale not many of us have seen. Would you try it? Or a better question, could you afford it? :)... Read more
Who else can feel fall in the air? We recently had our annual apple picking trip as a family and we are all officially in the mood for fall. I love the weather and a change of pace in clothing. Bring on the scarfs, suedes, cords and fairwell to the shorts and my white legs!

This fall I have seen several fun trends appearing in jewelry. Some of our very own iCraft crafters have caught on and are offering... Read more
One of the fashion trends this summer and going into fall are the wrap style bracelets and watches . Not only do they make a gorgeous accessory, but they become a statement piece that often garners comments and questions from friends and strangers alike.

There are several different styles of handmade wrap bracelets using various materials. The beauty of them is that you can wear the bracelets in different... Read more
When Sex and the City's fearless fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw sported big, blue feathers in her bridal hairdo, the outcome was inevitable: bold wedding hair accessories made a big comeback and not just in blue!

The wedding hair accessory craze first began building momentum with big flowers, whether they were pinned behind one ear to evoke an exotic feel, or at the back, crowning a ponytail or up-do.... Read more

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