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This is an amazing list of beautifully designed small spaces that just made me feel a lot worse about how much I could be doing with the little I've got! Hey, check it out - you could feel like this too! :)

(It is a good thing, promise...) Read more
There's nothing like a good, stern warning to the cyberworld about ending bad trends before they start. If you're guilty of any of these things, look on the bright side: you've got time to stop! And if not, which one do you think is the worst? Read more
Don't call it lightweight decor! These puffed up chairs and inflatable tents are serious works of art, people. Commentary on obesity in consumer society. For real! Read more
Love when great shows inspire cool design. I've never actually seen the show but now I kinda want to... Read more
Love them or hate them, hipsters are everywhere. And gotta say, this photo series raises a legit question: if classical statues can rock skinny jeans, are they really so bad? Read more
That's exactly what some people did, and with a great success, I must say.
New Orleans is known for colorful home paint jobs . This one is found in Bywater by © Ray Laskowitz.

Here is another New Orleans Beauty from the whole series of great houses posted on .

This colorful house was spotted in Victoria , on Vancouver Island, British Columbia by " Rambling Artists "... Read more
File this under: Things You Wouldn't Believe Unless You Saw Them. What do you think of this trend: cute or crazy? Read more
This is a fun party or gift idea, and as a bonus: just because the wine looks like it's floating doesn't mean you're drunk! Read more
These geometric clothing racks do a pretty awesome job of making clothing stand out. Plus, they might help inspire the tidy-challenged to keep clothes off the floors! They seem to have some decent DIY potential, no? Read more
Don't judge a book by its cover, judge it by its fancy library location! And yes, in this digital world of e-readers, tablets and giant mobile phones, books do still exist... Read more

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